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Cat owners know the struggle of buying something special for their small furry friend and having it ignored for the box it came in or a rogue dust bunny. Thankfully, when it comes to humans giving other humans human gifts, it’s unlikely that your gift will end up going unused. And you or your feline-loving friend deserve something that’s just as tantalizing as a laser pointer or an eight-hour bird video. The best gifts for cat owners allow them to show their cat fancy in daily life without posting another picture on Instagram.

Best mug: Koolkatkoo Cute Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug



In the words of Taylor Swift, “Karma is a cat purring in my lap ‘cause it loves me.” And you know the No. 2 thing people love other than cats? Coffee or tea. Life is too short to drink out of a boring mug so add some whimsy to your days with this Koolkatkoo Cute Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug, which includes a small ceramic cat in the middle of the mug. The figurine comes into view as you drink your warm beverage of choice. It’s 12 ounces, which means you can refill without fear of over-caffeination. And, it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe, making it easy to use every day for a bit of extra joy. Its $16.99 pricetag is an extra bonus, especially if you’re shopping for a White Elephant party with a spending cap.

Best for movie buffs: Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co. The Catfather T-shirt

Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co.


Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy is a modern film classic and watershed gangster epic. But have you heard of “The Catfather,” another Italian mob saga that tells the story of the Catleone family and the rise and fall of patriarch Purrito and prodigal son Meowchael? Unfortunately, The Catfather doesn’t exist, but your Criterion Collection-having cat lovers will appreciate the pun. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is tagless for softness, comfort, and longevity.

Best socks: Leotruny Women’s Colorful Cute Cat Crew Socks with Gift Box



When in doubt, gift socks. Even better, gift these socks to the feline fanatic in your life. They’re colorful, bright, and bring a bit of personality while simply hanging out in your house. Five pairs means there’s a cat sock for every day of the workweek. And, they’re not too bulky and the perfect crew height for wearing with boots. We love the whimsical space cat design, but the cat head-patterned pairs also earn our kudos.

Best for self-care: Mellia 3-Piece Cat Headband



Stop flyaways in their tracks with this plush elastic headband, which is adorned with cat ears at the top. It’s perfect to keep hair back while washing your face, rinsing off a mask, or applying makeup. Plus, there are three headbands per pack—you can gift all three to one friend, or split them among the cat fanciers in your life.

Best hoodie: KangaKitty Hoodie



This isn’t just any old hoodie: It also can hold your cat. The pouch is lined for easy cleaning, and snaps closed when not in use. And, it includes an elastic drawstring to keep Fluffy secured on your adventures from the living room to the kitchen. The hoodie’s fuzzy pom-pom drawstrings will keep your cat entertained and happy in the pouch. If you or someone you know has an incredibly clingy kitty, this hoodie just might be the solution.

Best for saving your couch: Primens Heavy-Duty Cat Scratch Furniture Protectors



If your couch resembles Swiss cheese, these plastic heavy-duty couch covers will protect the new one you just got with that holiday bonus. Each pack comes with 10 sticky sheets and 60 pins for extra security. And, you can cut each sheet to fit smaller furniture items like chairs and ottomans. They’re not recommended for faux leather or leather couches, sadly.

Best hat: Hatphile 6-Panel Embroidery Dad Hat



We all get bad hair days. Show your pet parent pride and hide your greasy mop with this stylish, adjustable cotton cap. There are 15 styles to choose from, ranging from the gender-neutral “cat parent” to a pair of white caps for the cat dad and mom in your life.

Best for your kitchen: AGRIMONY Cat Hand Towel



This cat doesn’t hate getting wet. Dry off your hands in the kitchen or bathroom with this cat towel that comes in 19 color ranges—there should be one to match your pet. Simply snap the paws over your towel bar or ring and wipe your damp paws on the highly absorbent towel.

Best for wine lovers: Too-arts Cat Wine Holder with Cork Storage



If you’re buying for someone who was this close to buying wine for their cat, this wine holder with cat-shaped cork storage will combine the cat and wine experience for humans. Not only does this serve as a stunning piece of whimsical decor, but it’s a way to showcase quality bottles of past and present. Bonus points if you gift a bottle of regular wine.

Best for the cat: Tuft and Paw Nuzzle Cat Bed

Tuft and Paw


The cat runs the house, so you should probably pay respect to them in the form of an incredibly luxurious cat bed. Its plush exterior is perfect for making biscuits and a raised edge allows your cat to rest their head or enter peak donut mode. An ultra-suede base prevents slips and slides on hard floors. Even better, it will spruce up your regular decor.

Best practical gift: Scotch Brite Lint Roller

Scotch Brite


There’s no better way to avoid the one way you don’t want to show you’re a cat owner when you leave the house. Trust.