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If you’ve bought a TV recently (or are about to because Prime Day), you’re probably very impressed by the vivid flatscreen but let down by its flat sound. As TVs have gotten thinner, there’s less room for speakers, which still require physical depth to get the best sound possible. Thanks to a Prime Day deal, however, you can score the Polk Audio Signa S4—a low-profile soundbar and subwoofer combo that’ll complete your home theater setup without taking up too much space or cash.

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Polk Audio S4 Signa $239.40 (Was $399)

Polk Audio


The Signa S4 has an understated look that belies just how good the soundbar is. Setting it up took seconds—all you need is an HDMI cable plugged into your TV’s HDMI (ARC) port—and never cut out. Polk outfitted this soundbar with several forward and upward drivers, allowing it to playback Dolby Atmos audio natively. The effect worked okay in our tests, but your experience will depend on the size and shape of your room. What did get our attention was how clear movies and TV shows sounded. I could easily hear explosions and dialogue happening simultaneously without futzing around with audio settings. Quieter movies and shows benefit just as much as action-packed epics.

Polk designed the Signa S4 with a pretty thin shape, so it offloaded bass duties—the driver that requires the most space on a traditional speaker—to a wireless subwoofer. Again, setting up the subwoofer took seconds as it immediately paired with the soundbar upon being plugged in. It’s impressive how much low-end the subwoofer can crank out without distorting, and a big part of the Signa S4’s ability to play back loud sounds rests on its four feet. We’ll be blunt: You’re not going to find a better soundbar at this price.

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