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As TVs get bigger and cinema chain tickets feel like they’re nearing three digits (not to mention the “butter” gets even more neon yellow), your living room has never been a more appealing place to watch movies and shows. Go full tilt on an at-home movie theater with the Polk Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker, on sale for $399 each on Amazon. That’s $50 of savings per speaker to put toward some Criterion Collection Blu-rays (or just pay for your streaming services). 

Polk Audio


Why Polk floor-standing loudspeakers? Well, we named the Polk Reserve Series R500 best overall stereo speaker because of the way it packs in fidelity and value, and the company’s Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker is an even more approachable introduction to the world of full-range audio if you don’t have more than $500 to spend. It features a 1-inch Terylene dome tweeters for detailed highs and two 6.5-inch woofers to spread mids and lows around like room-filling, cinematic peanut butter. The speakers are Hi-Res Audio certified, meaning their frequency range extends to 40 kHz—well beyond the threshold of human hearing and capable of delivering all the evocative, true-to-life music you may stream to them from lossless, high-resolution sources such as Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, the latest Dolby Atmos & DTS:X audio/video receivers, etc. (after all, you’ll want clean, crisp power for the punchiest playback). Plus, rubber feet designed for both carpet and hard floors provide stability and flexible placement so you don’t have to worry about a vibrating cabinet ruining your immersive vibe.  

Polk Audio has its other styles of speakers on sale in case you’re looking for all the 5.1 system components to surround yourself with timbre-matched sound. But hurry: this deal will be gone like Blockbuster after Netflix. 

If you’re looking for an equally spacious but far more personal listening experience that won’t disturb your family, Sennheiser’s extremely ritzy collab headphones with Drop, the HD 8XX, are on sale for $999.99, down from $1,100. The HD 8XX is based on Sennheiser’s $1,700 HD 800 S (one of our top critical listening headphones) and handcrafted at the same Sennheiser factory, using its signature ring-radiator driver to offer renowned audiophile quality at a fraction of the price. (Don’t forget a good DAC/amp for these, BTW.) Or, if you’re seeing Porta Pro headphones all over TikTok and want to know what the hype is about, you’re in luck: they’re on sale for $39.99, down from their $49.99 list price.