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Seoul-based electronics giant LG is well-known for its state-of-the-art OLED TVs, which are matched in their industry-leading precision by a premium line of soundbar systems. While the best LG soundbars in the product line boast features like Dolby Atmos, AI-assisted EQ, and subwoofers, even the most compact and stripped-down soundbars in the company’s lineup offer powerful room-filling fidelity and stylish design. And you don’t have to have an LG TV to consider one of the company’s soundbars (though it doesn’t hurt if aesthetics are a top consideration). Whether you’re an audio/video aficionado looking for the absolute best in Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound compatibility or you’re an everyday user looking to get more immersive sound out of a compact home theater setup, this list of the best LG soundbars will point you in the right direction for your next upgrade.

How we chose the best LG soundbars

When compiling this list of the best LG soundbars, the staff considered a wide range of products against a number of key criteria and features. Having spent a lot of time personally swapping in and out an assortment of soundbars, and talking to other experts or reading user impressions when we’re not actively listening, we know to look for newer generations of components to assure compatibility with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and the more desirable wireless casting protocols. We considered if the soundbars were both a physical and sonic fit for the scale of various spaces. And we looked at the range of configurations, and expandable options, each model offered.

Things to consider before buying an LG soundbar

Do you want advanced acoustic features like room calibration?

While LG soundbars naturally offer some of the most immersive and robust performance in their product class, features like automatic room calibration can elevate a soundbar’s audio to new heights and deliver an overall clearer and louder listening experience. If you’re looking to fine-tune your soundbar to perfectly match your room, go with the LG SP9YA or the LG SP11RA. If you end up going another route, LG’s other soundbars still have plenty of useful EQ presets that can help get you close.

Do you use AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, or virtual assistants?

Most LG soundbars are compatible with your favorite casting services out of the box, but it’s important to double-check compatibility if that’s a feature you’re looking for. From this list of the best LG soundbars, the LG SP9YA and LG SP11RA are compatible with these casting services, but the LG Eclair QP5, LG GX, and our budget pick the LG SP2 are not.

Do you want true surround sound?

Thanks to their Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility, LG soundbars are very good at delivering dimensional audio without the need for dedicated satellite speakers. Still, if you’re looking to go the extra distance and elevate your listening experience even further by adding rear speakers, be sure to pick a soundbar that either includes them like the LG SP11RA or a soundbar like the LG SP9YA that’s compatible with the separately sold LG SPK8-S kit.

Do you want Dolby Atmos?

If you’re looking for the spatial, object-based audio of Dolby Atmos from an LG soundbar, the good news is that most of the company’s soundbars have it built in at a variety of price points. The LG SP9YA is a perfectly balanced example of a good Dolby Atmos-ready soundbar, while the LG Eclair QP5 manages to squeeze Atmos into a very small soundbar form. If you’re considering a flush-mounted gallery soundbar like the LG GX, bear in mind that its Atmos delivery lacks some height due to the shape of its chassis.

Best LG soundbars: Reviews & Recommendations

So you’ve got the LG C1 Smart TV (one of our favorite OLED TVs), you’ve decided where to place it, and you’ve picked up some ultra-high-speed HDMI cables. Now all you need is the perfect soundbar, so here are our picks:

Best overall: LG SP9YA

Why it made the cut: The LG SP9YA is a balanced, feature-rich soundbar system that features Dolby Atmos, voice assistant integration, audio upscaling, a wireless sub, and 520 watts of power.


  • Width: 48 inches (soundbar), 8.7 inches (subwoofer)
  • Channels: 5.1.2
  • Connectivity: HDMI eARC, Optical, HDMI In, Bluetooth


  • Balanced sound with room calibration and EQ tailoring options
  • Includes subwoofer; upgradeable via SPK8-S rear surround speakers
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible; built-in audio upscaling


  • Advanced controls like calibration require smartphone app
  • Bar and subwoofer are relatively large
  • Requires add-on satellite speakers for best surround performance

The SP9YA is one of the best soundbars in LG’s product line thanks to its great connectivity, premium build quality, and cutting-edge feature set. It’s compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats via HDMI 2.1 and features two up-firing speakers and a wireless subwoofer to deliver 520 watts of powerful, immersive sound to any room (and if you’re not sure where to put that sub, check out our primer). It features AI-based room calibration and user-controllable EQ presets for further sound tailoring and customization, making this a good choice for users who listen to a variety of different material, and it’s wirelessly compatible with a plethora of platforms, including Alexa, Google Home, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast.

While the LG SP9YA is a top performer in its class, it’s significantly large, measuring 48 inches wide and nearly 6 inches deep. For this reason, it requires a decent amount of space, and it’s most visually suitable for pairing with TVs at least 55 inches in size. Despite being relatively easy to initially set up, the SP9YA also has a feature-heavy design that requires a bit of tinkering and smartphone app control to fully calibrate. Finally, it should be noted that the SP9YA’s surround abilities can be greatly improved by adding the LG SPK8-S rear speaker kit, but this requires users to make an additional purchase.

Best compact: LG Eclair QP5

Why it made the cut: The QP5 is one of the smallest soundbars on the market to offer Dolby Atmos, making it an excellent option for enjoying immersive audio in smaller living spaces.


  • Width: 11.6 inches (soundbar), 15.4 inches (subwoofer)
  • Channels: 3.1.2
  • Connectivity: HDMI eARC, Optical, HDMI In, Bluetooth


  • High-end feature set in a very small format
  • Low-vibration subwoofer design
  • Tunable and customizable EQ settings


  • Dolby Atmos performance and low-end response are somewhat limited
  • Lacks voice assistant, Chromecast, and AirPlay integration
  • Not expandable via satellite speakers

Despite being LG’s most compact soundbar and measuring at under 12 inches wide, the Eclair QP5 boasts an impressive set of features including AI-assisted EQ, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility, and a small wireless subwoofer, making this an ideal soundbar system for allowing immersive sound into small spaces with less compromise. The subwoofer itself measures just under 9 inches wide on its smallest face and is designed to limit environmental vibration, making it suited for apartments, condos, and other close quarters. While the QP5 isn’t capable of room-specific calibration, it grants access to a few EQ presets as well as a program-dependent AI-assisted mode.

Unfortunately, the LG QP5 isn’t compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Chromecast, or AirPlay (though it does offer Bluetooth connectivity to allow for basic audio streaming from your devices). The system is also incompatible with extra speakers, so you won’t be able to expand the QP5 beyond its single soundbar and subwoofer. Compared to larger soundbars in the LG line, the QP5’s Dolby Atmos and low-end performance are somewhat stunted as a result of its compact size, so that’s also something to keep in mind if immersion is a top priority. Still, if you’re looking for a big improvement over your TV’s built-in sound in a small package, the QP5 is seriously hard to beat.

Best with surround sound: LG SP11RA

Why it made the cut: The LG SP11RA is one of the best LG soundbars that money can buy, boasting a generous 7.1.4-channel configuration, 4K passthrough, and support for the latest surround sound audio formats.


  • Width: 56.8 inches (soundbar), 8.7 inches (subwoofer), 5.1 inches (satellite)
  • Channels: 7.1.4
  • Connectivity: HDMI eARC, Optical, 2 x HDMI In, Bluetooth


  • Top-of-the-line feature set and sound quality
  • 4k HDMI passthrough, Dolby Atmos, room calibration, and more
  • Entire system includes wireless subwoofer and satellite speakers


  • Very large
  • Relatively expensive for a soundbar system
  • EQ limited to presets

Rounding out the very top of LG’s soundbar product line is the SP11RA, an all-in-one surround sound kit that delivers incredibly immersive 7.1.4 audio via two satellite speakers and a subwoofer that complement a 56.8-inch-wide soundbar. It’s by far the best LG soundbar with surround sound currently available due to its wide soundstage and overall frequency response combined with a substantial 770 watts of power for delivering high-volume audio. The subwoofer and satellite speakers that come with the SP11RA are fairly large and the soundbar itself is very wide and deep, so this unit is best suited for spaces with room to spare and will work best with larger TVs.

Like the other LG soundbars in the product line, the SP11RA features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility, using two up-firing speakers to add height and presence to the system’s soundstage. The subwoofer and satellite speakers connect wirelessly, and an AI-assisted room calibration function and several EQ presets allow users to further tailor the soundbar’s performance to their needs and audio material. In addition to being compatible with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and virtual assistants, the SP11RA features 4K HDMI passthrough, an optical audio input, and a dedicated HDMI eARC connection. Overall, while this system is relatively pricey since it sits at the top of LG’s product line, the SP11RA definitely doesn’t skimp on the latest features.

Best for LG TVs: LG GX

Why it made the cut: The LG GX features 3.1-channel audio and a unique flat design that’s ideal for flush wall-mounting and pairing with LG OLED TVs. 


  • Width: 56.7 inches (soundbar), 7.1 inches (subwoofer)
  • Channels: 3.1
  • Connectivity: HDMI eARC, Optical, HDMI In, Bluetooth


  • 1.2-inch-thick soundbar saves space and matches GX-series TVs
  • Powerful 420-watt amplification
  • Expandable via sold-separately satellite speakers


  • Very tall; may block TV in tabletop mode
  • Lacks vertically firing speakers for Dolby Atmos playback
  • No acoustic room calibration or casting compatibility

If you’re looking for the best soundbar to pair with your LG TV, the GX is worthy of your consideration thanks to its stylish and calculated design that aims to pack powerful sound and Dolby Atmos playback into a 1.2-inch-thick unit. The GX soundbar itself is very wide and tall, making it ideal for flush wall mounting below GX-series OLED TVs but less ideal for setting up on a tabletop. The included wireless subwoofer is also fairly small, measuring in at 7.1 inches wide, and together the units deliver solid 3.1-channel audio considering their slim design. The GX packs all the same features found throughout the current LG soundbar line including HDMI and optical inputs, HDMI eARC, and Bluetooth; unfortunately, it lacks the acoustic room calibration found in the SP9YA and SP11RA.

While the LG GX soundbar is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats, it lacks the physical upwards-facing speakers required to bring adequate height to those audio formats. It still delivers admirable stereo width and surround sound performance, and it can also be expanded via the LG SPK8-S rear speaker kit for further fine-tuning and immersion. However, the GX also forgoes room calibration features, so you’ll be limited to selecting EQ presets when fine-tuning the soundbar’s acoustics, and perhaps most disappointingly, it won’t work with AirPlay or Chromecast. If you’re willing to overlook these shortcomings, the GX’s slim form factor and hassle-free compatibility with LG TVs make it a unique choice, especially if you’re concerned with style.

Best budget: LG SP2

Why it made the cut: LG’s latest entry-level soundbar features an integrated subwoofer and 100 watts of power in a small package.


  • Width: 30 inches
  • Channels: 2.1
  • Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Optical, Bluetooth


  • Compact all-in-one design with built-in subwoofer
  • HDMI ARC and Bluetooth-compatible
  • 100 watts of power provide ample volume


  • No surround sound support or room calibration
  • Lacks substantial low-end response due to small form
  • Not expandable via subwoofers or satellite speakers

The LG SP2 is one of the most affordable LG soundbars and an affordable way to enter the ecosystem. While it lacks Dolby Atmos, virtual assistant integration, and many of the other features of its premium siblings, the SP2 is equipped for HDMI ARC and Bluetooth connections, making it suitable for performing basic everyday entertainment duties. The SP2 features an integrated 30-watt subwoofer and delivers solid 2.1-channel audio complete with EQ presets to enhance different types of media. Unfortunately, it lacks room calibration for custom tuning.

While the SP2 is a solid choice for the money, it’s a very barebones soundbar as far as LG products go and it won’t provide the same immersion or bass response as the company’s premium multichannel soundbars. It’s not expandable via external subwoofers or satellite speakers either, so users are essentially limited to a louder stereo TV mix with some EQ options when adding the SP2 to their setup. If you’re on a budget and looking to add some volume to your TV but don’t need Dolby Atmos, subbass, and other immersive features for which LG is typically known, the SP2 is one of the best choices out there.


Q: How much does an LG soundbar cost?

LG soundbars cost anywhere from below $200 for entry-level single bar units up to above $1,500 for surround sound units with multiple speaker cabinets. If you’re in the market for a mid-tier LG soundbar with a subwoofer, expect to pay at least $500.

Q: What soundbar is best with LG TV?

LG’s soundbars are designed to work with all of the company’s TVs, and they’ll work very well with other manufacturers’ TVs as well. The LG GX is the best soundbar for LG TVs from the GX series, specifically because it’s designed to perfectly compliment the GX’s gallery-style finish.

Q: Will any soundbar work with LG TV?

As long as an LG TV and the soundbar in question have compatible connector ports, yes, any soundbar can work with an LG TV. The most common interfaces for connecting soundbars to TVs are HDMI ARC and optical audio.

Q: Is the LG soundbar better than the Samsung soundbar?

LG and Samsung manufacture premium soundbars with very similar price points and feature sets, so comparisons in performance really come down to feature set, price, and wattage. In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to match the brand of your TV with that of your soundbar, but most premium TVs and soundbars are compatible regardless of brand.

Q: Do LG soundbars work better with LG TV?

While any brand of soundbar can technically work with LG TVs, LG soundbars work better with LG TVs in terms of plug-and-play compatibility. In theory, manufacturers should use their own products while designing and testing new products, so it’s good to stay within a single ecosystem if possible.

Q: What is the difference between a 2.1 and 5.1 soundbar?

A soundbar labeled 2.1 offers stereo sound via left and right speakers, plus a single channel dedicated to low-end frequencies. And a soundbar designated 5.1 offers surround sound via front left, front center, front right, rear left, and rear right speakers, plus that subwoofer channel.

Q: How do I get the best sound from my LG soundbar?

Most of LG’s soundbars feature built-in user-adjustable EQ presets or AI-assisted dynamic EQ for adjusting audio as it plays. Soundbars like the LG SP9YA and LG SP11RA offer room calibration tech that custom-tunes audio according to the specific acoustics in your space, which is by far the most effective way to get the best sound from your LG soundbar.

Final thoughts on the best LG soundbars

The LG SP9YA is the best overall LG option overall for most thanks to its balanced feature set and Dolby Atmos compatibility, while the best LG soundbar with true physical surround sound is the LG SP11RA, which features two included rear speakers and an impressive 770 watts of power. If you’re working with limited space, the best compact LG soundbar for the job is the LG Eclair QP5, while the LG GX is a better choice if you need a slim and substantial soundbar to match a large LG OLED TV. Shoppers on a budget should consider the LG SP2 to bump a television’s baseline volume at a very desirable price.