This is your last chance to save $250 on a MacBook Air at Amazon

This is your last call to get an Apple laptop for crazy savings. You don't have to be a college student to take advantage of it.
Stan's MacBook Air M1 outside with the Albany skyline on the screen

Stan Horaczek

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Apple is still running its back-to-school promotion, offering its education pricing even if you’re not a student. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your laptop, now is the best time to do it—emphasis on the “now,” since this promotion runs out in a week.

Apple 2020 MacBook Air Laptop M1 Chip, Silver $749.99 (Was $999)

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If you’re a Mac user and you don’t need to do processor-heavy tasks like photo and video editing, the 2020 Macbook Air with M1 chip is the laptop for you. Heck, it’s the laptop I use on the day-to-day and it runs Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Rush like a champ—a testament to the power of the M1 chip, which has some beef despite being at the baseline. We were impressed when it was first released, and we’re still impressed today. It’s the perfect laptop if just a regular person who needs a laptop to watch Netflix on the train and make a killer meme once in a while.

If you crave more processing power and screen real estate, you’re in luck. The 15-inch Macbook Air with M2 chip is on sale for $1,099—$200 off its regular price. The 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU slice through large files and videos like butter, which is perfect if you’re working on casual photography or just want to demolish every task.

The promo event ends Oct. 2, with the literal hundreds of dollars of savings with it. We meant it when we said you want to jump on it ASAP—you’ll be hard-pressed to find another deal like this that’s straight from Apple’s mouth.

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