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This refurbished 2017 MacBook Air weighs only three pounds and packs up to twelve hours of battery life. Get it for just $385 (reg. $1599).

Apple products are often admired for their durability and sleek design. MacBooks may outshine other laptops because of the Apple Ecosystem, macOS, and even their social image, according to Make Use Of. If the steep price tag has turned you away from getting one for school or work, consider a refurbished one.

This refurbished MacBook Air brings you all the glamor of an Apple device at a fraction of the cost. Type up essays, research on the web, video chat with peers, and more on this $385 (reg. $1,599) laptop.

A shining college and work companion

This near-mint MacBook Air weighs just three pounds, so you can easily carry it around campus or to and from the office. Having up to twelve hours of battery life might mean you can leave the charger at home. 

Work on coursework and take notes with a 13.3-inch display. Use Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones and listen to your favorite playlist without disturbing others. You just need a WiFi or hotspot connection to get full use out of your MacBook.

Breeze through assignments and projects with an Intel Core i5 1.8GHz processor that can power multiple programs with minimal lagging. Download Microsoft Office to put together papers or presentations and stream music while you work.

Store 128GB of assignments, notes, and other files on your MacBook. If you have another Apple device, you can use AirDrop to share files between them seamlessly. You might want to quickly transfer notes to your iPhone so you can look them over without pulling out your laptop.

Great device, low price

This refurbished MacBook Air received a grade “A” rating, meaning it’s in near-mint condition and may have minimal or even zero scuffs on its exterior. You will get a high-quality laptop while saving over a thousand dollars.

Refurbished devices can also be a greener way to get a new-to-you device. Environment America reports that buying a refurbished device instead of a new one cuts the environmental impact by up to 91 percent. 

Choose a refurbished device to make a difference in your wallet and the planet. This MacBook could be one of your greatest friends through college and beyond.

Pick up a 2017 Apple MacBook Air for just $385 (reg. $1,599). 

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