Gifts for the person who’d rather listen to podcasts than talk to you

guy wearing headphones in an office

What's that? Can't hear you. Austin Distel via Unsplash

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Podcasts! Everyone is listening to one. Or recording one for other people to listen to. Or, most likely, recording one that no one will listen to. They’re everywhere, blessing us with the gift of hands-free entertainment we need to power through life’s monotony.

But there’s a darker side to podcasts… and I’m not talking about their murder-y content. I’m talking about how they tend to drive an AirPod-shaped wedge between friends and loved ones, invading their precious time together. Are you on the wrong side of one of these podcast-divided relationships? Well, there’s nothing to be done about it. Might as well buy your special podcast-loving someone a gift that further fuels their addiction. Sucks.

I’m kidding, of course. But these gifts for podcast fans are pretty great. And if you buy them for your beloved pod addict, and it turns your relationship around, that would make for a fascinating segment on This American Life.

Wireless headphones

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Your voice will never penetrate these! There are tons of ”noise-canceling” options at this point. So it takes an extra technological leap to stand out, and Bose’s new smart headphones have the goods. There’s a reason we named the Bose Headphones 700 one of the best innovations of 2019: a total of eight microphones around your ears keep everything in balance, which will come in handy when your special someone needs to call you without letting the outside world in. Also, they’re Alexa-enabled.

Bluetooth speaker

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Of course it would be more polite for your beloved podcast fan to keep those conversations between their favorite podcast host and her guest firmly between their ears, but sometimes they need to let loose and strut down the street ‘80s boombox style, blasting Terry Gross from their shoulder. Or maybe they’re sitting in their office, and just want to let their ears breathe a bit.Whatever the reason for going *headphones off*, the Sonos Move is a great solution. A cavity in the back creates a handle for easy carrying, and Sonos put an impressive amount of sound engineering into this package—its Trueplay calibration system listens to the speaker itself and adjusts to its surroundings, giving you the best sound for whatever room (or outdoor space) you’ve moved into.

Bike mount

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Podcasts are a great way to inject stories and conversations into otherwise monotonous tasks: exercise, commutes, grocery shopping, etc. To take full advantage, your special podcast addict will need a versatile mount to keep those listens at their fingertips. Bone Collection’s Bike Tie Series keeps it simple with a one-piece design that straps onto bike or motorcycle handlebars, grocery carts, strollers, and anything else you’re pushing or peddling.