Does Anybody Have An Oculus Rift Yet?

We don't :-(

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Popular Science assistant tech editor Dave Gershgorn still doesn’t have his, and he pre-ordered on the first day they were available back in January 2016. The $599 headset was supposed to start shipping in March. It’s now the end of April. And the shipping delays for Facebook’s much-hyped first foray into virtual reality have become such a big issue, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has taken to Facebook’s rival social platform Twitter today to try and ease some of the pain.

What’s the cause of the delays? Facebook and its $2 billion subsidiary Oculus VR are being kind of cagey about that, but there’s lots of speculation it has to do with some accessories and component parts not being readily available. Either way, it sucks for everyone — except those lucky few who have received their Oculus Rift headsets already. Virtual reality: 0. Reality: 1.