A Motorcycle Helmet With A Head-Up Display

This Indiegogo campaign wants to sell a voice-controlled, augmented reality motorbike helmet for $2,000.

Russian inventors have created a motorcycle helmet with built-in navigation. The LiveMap helmet displays full-color, translucent images and text right on the visor, so riders can check their speed, view the time, and get directions, all without taking their eyes off the road.

Through Indiegogo, the device’s creators are hoping to raise $150,000 by July 12. The LiveMap, which is only slightly larger than a regular helmet, includes voice control, a digital compass, and a light sensor that adjusts display brightness depending on whether it’s dark or light out.

The LiveMap helmet also comes with some smart safety features. The minimalistic interface means users will not be able to play games or watch videos on the device (phew), and the visor will only display an overview map if the bike’s speed is close to zero.

The inventors plan to sell the helmet for $2,000, though donors to the Indiegogo campaign can pre-order for $1,500.

Here’s a somewhat-hilarious video of the helmet in action: