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The real reason to buy an Apple Watch has finally come along: You can now download the Tamagotchi app on your techy timepiece.

If you’ve never heard of Tamagotchi, first of all, I’m sorry. The digital pets were all the rage in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Owning one of these egg-shaped keychains, which featured a pixelated blob that demanded your constant care and love, were the ticket to popularity in elementary school (not really). To keep your pet alive, you needed to feed, play with, and clean up after it unless you wanted to return to find your Tamagotchi dead from neglect.

Now, the Japanese video game company Bandai Namco is back with their classic toy–and this time, you won’t have to miss a visit from the Matchmaker, since your beloved blob will be ever-present right there on your wrist.

The Apple Watch does pose some restrictions, since third-party apps are limited on the device. Because of animation restraints, this version of Tamagotchi is much more stoic, as he does not react to food or discipline. And if you want to play games with your pet, you’ll need to go on your phone to do that. But never fear, Tamgatochi devotees: You can still purchase the good old egg toy online, and you can even find the original 1996 version, which is now considered a collectible, for a mere $60 on Amazon.