With a set of Fusion headphones, two people can listen to the same song on the same device. The headphones pair with each other and a media player via Bluetooth. $90. Courtesy Jam

TapIt Cap

The TapIt Cap screws onto a growler and prevents beer from going flat after the bottle is opened. To fill a glass, a user injects carbon dioxide from an attached canister and releases the spigot. A pressure-release valve keeps the growler from bursting. $45

Toro 24V Max 12″ Cordless Trimmer

To change the length of the line on a weed eater, users typically have to take apart the tool to spool more out. The process is easier with the battery-powered Toro Max, which has a dial on the grass shield for making adjustments. $169

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

The Ultimate Lithium AA has the longest shelf life of any battery: 20 years. An aluminum oxide film at the cathode prevents oxidation damage. And Energizer makes the batteries in a special dry room, which reduces the water-triggered reactions that degrade a cell’s ability to store power. $10

BioLite KettlePot

To reduce camping bulk, BioLite designed the KettlePot, a first-of-its-kind combination. Made from stainless steel, the 1.5-liter piece of cookware can sit on any stove, including the BioLite stove, which fits inside for traveling. $50

Windcatcher Air Pad

The Windcatcher inflates faster and with less effort than any other sleeping pad. When a user blows into the pad’s one-way valve, the low-pressure airstream draws in surrounding high-pressure air, augmenting each breath. The six-foot-long pad fills in 13 seconds on average. $99

Jam Fusion

With a set of Fusion headphones, two people can listen to the same song on the same device. The headphones pair with each other and a media player via Bluetooth. $90

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive

Up to eight gadgets can sync with the Connect Wireless media hub for fast file transfers. The 64-gigabyte server can also stream five different HD movies at once over Wi-Fi. $100


The DrawAFriend app fixes the “fat finger” problem when writing or drawing on a touchscreen. Based on an algorithm, it modifies a stroke to more accurately reflect what you were trying to do. If incorporated by other developers, the feature could be a boon for many other apps. Free

Jawbone Mini Jambox

The six-inch Mini Jambox can produce the sound of a much larger speaker. The Mini’s extruded aluminum exterior pulls double duty—as both the speaker’s skin and its internal acoustic chamber—to cut heft. $180


With the MirrorCase, an iPad can shoot photos or video while horizontal, something it can’t ordinarily do. An adjustable mirror on the case directs light to the camera. An app then flips the images, which are received upside down. $80

LG Optimus G Pro

With its latest software update, the LG Optimus G Pro plays video only when someone’s paying attention. The phone uses its front-facing camera and eye-tracking software to determine when you’re looking away and then pauses the video. $100 with two-year service agreement

Digital Storm Veloce

The Veloce 13.3″ gaming laptop has both an Intel Haswell processor and a 1080p screen—a first. It also includes a Nvidia GTX 765M graphics card and eight gigabytes of memory, making it the most powerful laptop in its class. From $1,284