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Oh, Good Morning America no. No no no. What happened to your childhood? How could you forget the name and species of America’s most beloved muppet?

A tweet from the popular ABC morning news show featuring an image of Kermit and the hashtag “TeaLizard” sent shockwaves through the internet this morning. We can only assume everyone is most upset because Kermit is, in fact, an amphibian, not a lizard.

There must be a lot of biology students out there, because the internet isn’t taking this one lying down. We’re already seeing a fair cross section of sarcastic responses:

Even if they got their facts wrong, someone in the GMA office has to remember Kermit—not just as a childhood icon, but as a coworker and field reporter at GMA to boot:

This all started because the “tea-drinking lizard” meme, which depicts Kermit sipping a nice Lipton-laden cup, appeared on LeBron’s ball cap a few days ago as a subtle message to fans and critics alike.

Like most internet things, the discussion seems to have become heated.

For the record and the folks at Good Morning America, a lizard is a reptile, and a frog is both not a lizard, and not a reptile.

Frogs, which are amphibians, have quite a few significant differences from reptiles in how they breathe, their life cycles, whether they have scales or not… there’s a lot to absorb here.

Kind of hard to believe someone could fail to make that distinction.