Just some facts about a $10,000 toilet

We break it down by the cold, hard porcelain numbers

Of all the thirsty necessities in our homes, toilets rank among the worst offenders. They flush fresh water down the drain, need regular rinsing and scrubbing, and filth-ify the whole bathroom—creating even more mess to clean. The $10,200 TOTO Neorest 750H still flushes, but finds plenty of ways to save agua.


rolls of toilet paper saved per person per week

Assuming a healthy digestive system, opting to clean up using the Neorest’s three bidet hoses will use just four gallons per person per week. It takes 18.5 gallons to make a half-roll of TP.


weeks one office went not cleaning the toilet

To stop buildup, pre- and post-squat mists of acidic, electrolyzed water rinse the bowl. Then, zirconium in the glaze—activated by an underlid UV light—breaks down any stuck-on gunk.


percent drop in water usage with efficient flushes

Dual nozzles turn 0.8 gallons of water into a vortex to wash away number ones. Sit more than 30 seconds, and presence and body-heat sensors infer a number two, signaling a full-gallon flush.


ounces (est.) of water in a bottle of Clorox

Flushing sprays bacteria and viruses, but the Neorest keeps them on lock—so you’ll have to disinfect the room less often. When you leave, sensors tell the lid to close and the toilet to flush.

This article was originally published in the March/April 2017 issue of Popular Science, under the title “King of Thrones.”