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Huge underwater ‘kite’ turbine powered 1,000 homes in the Faroe Islands

It’s been over a decade since PopSci last checked in on Minesto’s underwater “kite” turbine technology. Since then, the Swedish green energy startup has made some big strides in their creative approach to generating clean electricity from swimming against the ocean currents.  Last week, Minesto announced a major moment for their largest creation. A nearly […]

Titanium dioxide-coated mesh can purify contaminated fog

It’s relatively easy to collect water via harvesting fog—in fact, only a few square meters of meshing can collect upwards of several hundred liters of liquid per day. In many cities, however, these reservoirs of water are often contaminated by atmospheric pollution, thus rendering them unfit for cooking or drinking.  Instead of relying on additional, […]

Japan’s plan to release treated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant is actually pretty safe

It’s been 12 years since Japan’s catastrophic Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, and the country is running out of space to contain the fallout. Over 1 million metric tons of radioactive water is currently housed in massive on-site metal tanks—enough to fill around 500 Olympic sized swimming pools—but authorities need to make room for the […]