This Concept Car Has A Drone Landing Pad

That isn’t even the weirdest thing about it
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Driving is a chore. Sure, there are stretches of roads that are pleasant, and there are cars so slick that piloting them feels both graceful and powerful, but most of the time, commuting in traffic and controlling a machine is a tedious task. Etos, a concept car from Swiss automaker Rinspeed, wants drivers to enjoy the experience of travel again. To that end, their car has a landing pad for a drone on the back, so drivers can fly around while they’re on the road.

How can anyone pilot a drone while driving? As envisioned, the car can switch into a self-driving mode, so the driver can instead enjoy the experience hands free. Press a button and the steering wheel slides away.

The driver’s hands are now free to pilot a drone, fiddle with the screens, watch TV, or even read a book. Where a glove compartment would normally be, there’s an actual dang bookshelf built into the car, for the driver to use, while driving. The car in essence transforms from a comfortable cockpit to a mobile study.

Etos is undeniably a vehicle that wants to turn traveling by road into as luxurious an experience as possible. Neat, but not much use to those of us in steerage.

Watch a video about it below: