AirHarp, The Instrument You Play Without Touching Anything

Using a Leap Motion device, Adam Somers turned his computer monitor into a harp.
Courtesy YouTube

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It looks like magic, but it’s just technology. For a casual weekend hack, developer Adam Somers used a Leap Motion USB motion sensor device to turn his computer into a musical instrument. By adjusting settings in the AirHarp app and waving his fingers around like a wizard casting a hex, Somers was able to recreate the sound of a harp, playing in different keys, melodies and timbres. Watch the video to see and hear what we’re talking about.

Want to know how he did it? You can browse the C++ source of the hack. Try it if you’re computer science-savvy and have a hankering for some folk or classical harp tunes. You can preorder a Leap Motion device here.