Ten Tech Innovations From NASA’s Space Shuttle That Trickled Down to Non-Astronauts

Tech designed for the space shuttle program have permeated just about every aspect of our lives. Here are ten you may not know about

NASA, via Wikimedia Commons

Your life is full of what NASA calls “spinoffs”: ideas or products initially designed for NASA’s particular (and particularly challenging) uses, but which trickled down to become commercial products. Of course, you may not recognize these items–there’s no “made for NASA” sticker, and many of the iconic NASA products (Tang, Teflon, Velcro) weren’t actually designed for or by NASA at all. But NASA-developed stuff is everywhere, from insulation to infant formula, from prostheses to fishing nets. Here are ten of our favorites that originated in the Shuttle program–the very program that just saw its last launch ever.

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