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The current state of the pandemic in five graphs

Approximately one eternity ago in April 2020, experts thought we’d see 100,000 to 200,000 COVID deaths. It’s now October, cases are rising yet again, and the Centers for Disease Control recently estimated that around 285,000 deaths—and we’re just heading into what many fear will be the worst part of the pandemic. Here are some key takeaways now that we’re deep into the pandemic.

Meet the hard-working microbes that make your favorite cheeses

Every bite of cheese you’ve ever taken owes its funk and flavor to the community of microbes living inside it. The original cheese just had whatever microbes happened to be living on the farm, but today cheesemakers deliberate inoculate their dairy with specific types of bacteria and mold.

Why so many of the COVID-19 graphs you see are misleading

It’s difficult to really get a grasp on the scale that COVID-19 has now hit the world, but one way to try is with graphics. You’ve probably seen a hundred maps at this point, showing coronavirus cases around the world, and countless graphs showing how the number of confirmed cases has risen dramatically over the past few weeks. The problem with most of these visuals is that they’re misleading in one way or another.