Any professional chef can attest to the dangers of frying with oil. Many chefs have arms marked with burns and countless clothes ruined by oil stains. The truth is that popping, boiling oil is simply hard to avoid when cooking certain foods, unless, of course, you’ve got a splatter screen. These simple and oft-overlooked tools make frying at extremely high heats worry free. Splatter screens are also a must-have for households with children and pets that might find themselves in range of rogue oil bubbles. So get that chicken crispy at no cost to anyone’s safety. Here’s what to look for when buying a splatter screen.

Classic and Fantastic

This no-frills option will get the job done with a fine mesh screen and durable plastic handle. Usable as a sieve and cooling rack though not designed specifically for these tasks. Dishwasher safe. BergKoch

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A solid and standard splatter screen is usually made of stainless steel with a handle that stays cool but withstands high heat. These come in different sizes, so you’ll want to buy one that matches your pan. It’s safer to err on the side of too large, since larger splatter screens can usually balance on smaller pans. You can also purchase a set of screens to have one in every pan size. Try to find a splatter screen that is dishwasher safe, since it can be difficult to handwash fine mesh effectively.

Chameleon in the Kitchen

Softer on the hands than stainless steel options, you can find a function for this oil guard when making almost any meal. You can also put it to work when drying your dishes. Beckon Ware

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Many splatter screens are designed as multi-purpose tools. They can function as sieves, cooling racks, and drain boards for drying dishes. Multi-purpose splatter screens are sometimes made from silicone, which is softer than stainless steel but can still handle extreme temperatures. 

One Size Fits All

This screen fits on 8, 10, and 12-inch pans, and looks good while doing so. It has an ergonomic handle that will never burn you and is easier than most to clean by hand. Calphalon

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If you own pans of several sizes but only want to invest in one splatter guard, there are some that have inner rings that fit securely on differently sized pans. These one-size-fits-all screens are super convenient especially for less spacious kitchens.