The best office chairs for all office cultures

Casual or professional, there is no need to suffer through the day in an uncomfortable chair.

With all the time we spend on our computers, it’s easy to subject your back and neck to rigid, uncompromising office chairs. If you’re doing to buckle down and get to work, you can at least have all the support and comfort that you need.

We’ve planted down in a wide variety of office chairs to pinpoint those that meet both the needs of individuals and the vibe of office cultures. Here are some of our favorites.

Best for one who runs hot: Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair


This option can hold up to 330 pounds and circulates cool air. Amazon

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Rather than forcing you to sweat it out in a thick leather chair or shift uncomfortably in a big plushy seat, the Duramont’s mesh design is intended to keep you cool with a nice, easy airflow all around. The ergonomically designed high back and adjustable headrest are great for anyone who suffers from back or neck issues—and the lumbar-support also helps reduce pressure on your spine. The Duramont also swivels and reclines. It cradles you like a baby even when you’re all business.

Best for classics lovers: AmazonBasics High-Back Office Chair


This comfortable choice comes in three colors to match your office. Amazon

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This fully-adjustable office chair is wrapped in bonded black leather and PVC upholstery, which gives it a smooth, pillow-y feel you just want to sink into. The gently sloped armrests provide comfortably support without feeling like they’re in the way, and the seat is extremely easy to height-adjust from a seated position. It looks the part of a boss chair from top to bottom.

Best for those who move: SMUGCHAIR Drafting Chair


This option works as both a regular seat and at a high-top or height-adjustable table. Amazon

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Too much of something is never good, no matter what. Sitting down is great, but if you’re sedentary too long you have problems. Standing is healthy, but do it all day every day and you’ll develop issues as well. So you need a chair that can adjust to your sense of balance. The Smugdesk drafting chair combines a barstool-like feel with a comfortable mesh seat and armrests for those who adjust between standing desks and sitting.