13 Star Wars products to get you pumped for ‘The Last Jedi’

Light saber water bottles, Death Star speakers, and build-it-yourself droids.

This week, thousands of scruffy-looking nerf herders will be enjoying Star Wars: The Last Jedi, many of whom will be dressed up, many of whom will be standing in line for hours hoping to get a primo seat. If you know someone like that, they’ll be sure to love of these gifts for the holidays (or, really, any time):

Lenovo Last Jedi Augmented Reality

The Force is strong with this game


This is definitely the priciest item on the list, but I have never felt more like a Jedi than I did while playing this game. Pick up a lightsaber and take on waves of stormtroopers and droids—or even a Sith Lord like Darth Maul. $350.

Luke Flight Suit T-shirt

Red squadron, roll out Amazon


The best costume is the most comfortable one. This tagless shirt lets your giftee become the destroyer of the Death Star and look casually cool while doing it. $18-23.

Boba Fett Mask

Boba Fett: Great bounty hunter or greatest bounty hunter? Amazon


Become the galaxy’s most-feared bounty hunter and you (or your Star Wars-loving pal) too can escape from any scenario, even the Sarlacc Pit. $47.

Death Star Light-Up Beach Ball

Destroy Alderaan, but also have a fun beach day Amazon


It’s the Death Star and it lights up. Ergo it’s bound to please kids and adults of all ages. $5.

littlebits Droid Inventor Kit

Build your own Droid Amazon


This littleBits Droid Inventor Kit offers step-by-step instructions on how to engineer your own responsive R2-D2 or custom droid. There are more than 16 “missions” that allow you to break down and rebuild robots. Build a delivery droid or one that can self-navigate. All the bots can be controlled with a smartphone. $100.

Sphero R2-D2

This is the droid you’re looking for Amazon


If making a droid seems like too much for your friend, consider getting them their own Sphero R2-D2, which they can control with their phone over Bluetooth. It moves, sounds, and lights up like R2. The educational Sphero app teaches the user how to program your droid as well as explore holographic simulations of ships and planets. The droid also reacts to Star Wars movies or other Sphero droids it encounters. 125.

Lightsaber Water Bottle

I find your lack of hydration disturbing Amazon


Get your friend Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsaber and the Darth Vader red one for yourself. $13.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

We promise an X-Wing won’t blow this speaker up Amazon


What better way to feel like a Jedi Master (or Sith Lord) than to control the Death Star? This speaker is Bluetooth-compatible, so your friend can connect their smartphone or laptop. The sound quality is surprisingly great. $37.

Philips Star Wars Shavers

Shaved by the bell Amazon


This R2-D2 Philips dry shaver has a flexible head that provides a smoother shave on your neck and jaw, plus it’s easy to wash under a water tap and has a battery life of about 40 minutes. It also includes a pop-up trimmer for your sideburns and the back of your neck. $50.

Star Wars Battle Drones

Drone’t sleep on these Amazon


Consider getting the superfan one of these collector’s edition Propel Airplanes Star Wars drones. They can take flight (and battle with up to 12 other drones) with an X Wing, Tie Fighter, or a Speeder Bike. Each drone has a flight time of 6-8 minutes, uses reverse propulsion to fly—blades spin in reverse on the bottom—and gets up to 35 miles per hour. To battle, the drones use built-in Li-Fi technology—or light lasers—that shoot a beam into sensors on enemies ships. Download the smartphone app and learn how to use the flight simulator. $148.

R2-D2 Kitchen Timer


With this kitchen timer, twist R2’s head to set the cook time. $9.

Han Solo Area Rug

I think they have one on the Millennium Falcon Amazon


This Han Solo Area Rug will class up any joint. The floor runner measures 31 in. x 71 in. $60.

If you’re an exercise freak, you can pre-order the same image on this 5mm-thick polyurethane rubber yoga mat for $65.

Ample Hills Star Wars 3-Pack Ice Cream

So cool! Ample Hills


I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than get home from my 1:30 a.m. screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, pop open my freezer, and have a super early morning pint of Star Wars ice cream from Ample Hills. The variety pack comes with three flavors: First Order, a salted dark chocolate ice cream with cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and espresso; The Resistance, a brown sugar and vanilla bean ice cream with red velvet butter cake, toffee, and marshmallows; and The Force, a sweet cream ice cream with chocolate fudge swirls and white and dark chocolate pearls. $30.

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