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Welcome to the SURE HOUSE

Here at the SURE HOUSE we’ve focused on dramatically reducing energy consumption by 90% than the average New Jersey home (SUstainable) while also implementing marine construction methods to protect us against the next 100 year storm (REsilient).
inside of sure house

Core Living Space

Our 1,000 square foot interior space offers light finishes to maximize daylighting and large sliding glass doors to make a seamless connection with our outdoor terrace.
Core Living Space

Living Room

The living room serves as a flexible lounging area with birch casework housing our entertainment center and additional storage.


The bathroom uniquely allows entrance from both the interior and exterior of the home. This enables shore residents a clean entry when returning from the beach.
Department of Energy Visit

Department of Energy Visit

At the start of the competition we had the honor of showing of our home and engineering innovations to Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz.
Public Tour

Public Tours

The exhibition is underway and we’ve had thousands of visitors to the SURE HOUSE with thousands more expected here at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA.
SURE House at night

Juried Contests

In the 10 decathlon contests there are 5 juried events: architecture, engineering, market appeal, communications and affordability.
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Measured Contests

In addition to the 5 juried contests there are also 5 measured contests. These include appliance use, cooking, cooling and commuting.
outside of sure house at night

Track the Leaderboards!

Be sure to track the Solar Decathlon leaderboards as we approach the final scoring at the competition: www.solardecathlon.gov/2015/competition-scores.html