Best silicone baking sheets for perfect cookies every time

You can also use these mats to roast veggies.
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Whipping up chef-quality meals isn’t just a matter of getting the right ingredients, especially when you’re baking. There’s chemistry involved in processes like bread rising and caramelization, and the tools you use can greatly impact your final product. If you’re looking to avoid non-stick coatings made with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or the imprecise nature of manually greasing a pan, silicone baking sheets or mats are a great alternative. In addition to preventing pastries, candies, breads, and more from sticking to your pan and leaving hard-to-clean residue, they can help ensure your food heats evenly. These quality baking mat suggestions and tips will help you decide what equipment works best for your favorite desserts, and maybe even inspire you to try out new tasty recipes.

  • Easy cleaning. One of the benefits of silicone baking sheets is that they withstand heat and water, including the inside of your dishwasher. Generally, silicone sheets are safe to pop in the dishwasher, but you can also check to see if boiling is a safe method for removing any smells or flavors your baking sheets may have absorbed from the foods you cook. This can keep your sheets clean and taste-neutral for years to come.
  • Temperature range. While silicone baking sheets are designed to withstand the scorching heat of your oven, they can only hold up to a certain temperature. Before popping your roasted vegetables or baked goods into the oven, make sure to check the product description and see what the max temperature is for your baking sheets—the last thing we want is warped or melted materials.
  • Guides. In addition to different shapes and sizes, silicone baking mats can be imprinted with pattern guides. These can be extremely helpful for spooning out the right amount of dough to keep cookies the same size, or for rolling pie dough to the exact proportions of your pie tin to minimize handling. Just be sure to check the safe temperature range and care instructions of each mat before purchasing.

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