Best wok for cooking up the perfect stir fry and more

A great wok is indispensable for stir frys but you can also use it for other types of cooking.
Green fried veggies on a wok
Make the ultimate takeaway stir fry at home. bellessence0, Unsplash

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Woks are incredibly versatile when you know how to use them. Aside from making stir frys, they can also be used for everything from steaming to baking. But choosing the right one for the home kitchen can be tricky. The type of hob you have will be a key factor when it comes to choosing the best wok, as it will affect the shape of the pan you can go for. Your style of cooking will also affect your choice, including whether or not you want handles. From size and material to shape and style, here’s what to consider when choosing the right wok for your home.

  • Type of Hob: Traditionally woks have round bottoms—but unless you have a gas hob with a wok bracket at home, you’ll need one with a relatively flat base so it can sit stably on the stove. For induction hobs, you’ll need an even wider base to ensure that your wok gets enough heat. You still want a nice curvature though, as this helps to stop the food from flying out of the pan when you’re stir-frying.
  • Material: Carbon steel is the go-to material for woks. It’s lightweight and conducts heat well, which is great if you want to lift the wok up to toss the food. But they need a bit more care and need to be seasoned before use to get a non-stick coating. For occasional use, you may be better going for a wok with a non-stick coating applied. Just be aware that you won’t be able to apply as high a temperature as one without a non-stick coating.
  • Handle Length: If you plan to toss the food in your wok during cooking, you’ll need one with a long handle. Typically, there’s also a shorter handle on the opposite side to help you carry your completed dish to the table. If you’re happy to let the wok sit on the hob, or if you have an induction hob, two short handles may be best—and it will be easier to store in the cupboard.

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