43 Times Jose Canseco Dropped Some Science On Twitter

"do not fear the higgs bosun"
Jose Canseco
Jose Canseco Wikimedia Commons/Bryan Horowitz

Jose Canseco, who is insane, is an impressively former major league baseball player and active Twitter user. When not tweeting about rape allegations or his paintings of Donald Trump, Canseco tweets about science–a lot. He actually fired out this gem as I was was in the process of gathering these.

Take a stroll through his science tweets and maybe you might just learn something! He was once nicknamed The Chemist, after all.

Don’t die in 2049 like a dummy.

Made possible by nanobots.

For the sake of men everywhere, please do not do this, women.

So Canseco is against drone strikes… I think?

Think about it.

Here Canseco was either a) consulting Jeb Bush for advice on if being an immigrant makes one more fertile, or b) has found a way of himself becoming more fertile and is asking Jeb Bush for permission to use this skill.

No way to KNOW he didn’t see that.

That’s actually a pretty well informed opinion about the SCOTUS gene patent ruling! (Kinda.)

Not sure if this is an aphorism, like, Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today, or actual scientific concern? Ditto:

Jose Canseco has admitted to steroid use, which is a fun fact placed below this science-related tweet for no particular reason.


Classic time traveler mistake: letting the foes of time travelers know your one weakness.

Another fun fact is that Canseco invented both baseball and Twitter.

Quality control issues.

Like what?


Think about it some more.

Surely he means refined sugar, right? Which… is also not true, actually.

What’s the first killer???

Sound medical advice. From The Chemist.

Pretty solid anti-fracking position here, actually. There’s only recently been a new report lowering the estimated amount of methane released during fracking. The poor grammar is just “nuanced” grammar.

If only! Also, Canseco looks for some answers from actual astronauts.


What are they hiding?

But the best is last! This is the world-shaking theory on ancient gravity that started it all.

This theory spawned a rebuttal from Science Guy Bill Nye. To which Canseco responded:

But things turn out on a good note. Here are Canseco’s thoughts on science: