Simple solutions to soundproof your apartment

You can finally record that podcast. Or get some sleep.

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You’ve just moved into a new apartment—exciting! But there’s one little issue. You can hear the doors slam. The cars on the outside street are louder than you’d thought. What’s that buzzing sound? There are endless external noises like this, especially if you’re in a big city. It’s probably impractical to fully soundproof your space from floor to ceiling, but simple solutions can improve the situation. Here are some we’ve found are particularly convenient, affordable, and adaptable to different environments.

For your walls: Audimute isolé – Sound Barrier and Absorption Sheet

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One of the top ways noise travels from room to room is through flimsy walls and doors. A simple way to limit sound bleed is to add mass to these barriers. This Isolé sound absorber will do exactly this. It’s a mat that weighs about 30 pounds with three grommets to make hanging it up simple. It’s an easy and flexible solution you can take with you once you move. Just hang it up on a wall, door, or even in front of a window, as needed.

Trap the racket: Audimute Soundproofing Acoustic Door Seal Kit – Door Sweep and Seal

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A seal that adheres to the edges of your door may also help isolate noise and keep it from entering or leaving your space. This one will squish when you close your door the right amount, not too little that your door gets stuck, but not too much that it collapses and is no longer effective. It’s easy to install. This kit comes with enough product for three doors.

Super effective: Marpac Dohm Classic

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Sometimes the best solution is to mask one noise with another. The favored Marpac Dohm machine contains a fan that creates a constant ambient sound to level out what is going on around you. You can use it to help fall asleep, concentrate, or make sure your private conversations aren’t overheard.

Line your room: Soundproofing Panels

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You can fasten these panels to your door, wall, or ceiling. A pack comes with five panels, which you simply adhere to the room in which you want to keep quiet. They are easy to cut so you can shape them to fit a doorknob and the specific area you’re trying to cover. If light grey doesn’t match your interior, you can easily paint them a color that will.

Less permanent: DECOREALM Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper and Blocker

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If you have a huge gap between your door and the floor, you can use this door stopper to fill it in and keep sound from coming and going. This 3-pound solution is also heavy enough to block cold air and light. Designed for flexibility, you can lay in front of the door when you’re trying to isolate noise (or keep your room cool in August), and hang it up when you’re not using it.