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Get big discounts for the Big Game with these premium soundbar sales.
The best superbowl soundbar deals
The best super bowl soundbar deals of 2023 Brandt Ranj / Popular Science

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Super Bowl LVII is kicking off in just a couple of weeks, and while we don’t know who’s playing quite yet, now is the time to upgrade your home theater system. Expansive OLED TVs are the upgrade most closely associated with the Super Bowl, but soundbars are just as important. You’ll want to feel like you’re inside a stadium, but with the convenience of getting to choose your own snacks and going to the bathroom without a line. Thankfully, many companies have discounted their soundbars considerably in advance of the game.

Soundbars are a good compromise if you want home theater speakers better than what’s built into the TV but don’t have a lot of space for wireless surround sound. Below you’ll find the best soundbars on sale for the Super Bowl from top audio companies, including Bose, Sony, and Polk. We’ll continuously update this story as new deals become available and older ones end.

Bose Smart Soundbar 600 $449 ( Was $499)

Bose Smart Soundbar 600

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If we could only recommend one soundbar from this list it’d be Bose’s Smart Soundbar 600, which is back down to its lowest price ever. It’s only 27.5 inches wide, but Bose managed to fit five drivers inside. Three of the soundbar’s drivers face forward while the other two are pointed upward, so sound hits you from two angles. If the movie or TV show you’re watching has a Dolby Atmos mix, this driver alignment will allow you to hear the audio in surround sound without additional speakers. Additionally, Bose designed the Smart Soundbar 600 to take advantage of ifs TrueSpace technology, which automatically mixes stereo and 5.1 audio to take advantage of its upward-firing drivers. If you have the room, and want to have more of a traditional surround sound setup, you can wirelessly pair this soundbar with Bose’s Bass Module 500 and Surround Speakers.

One of the Smart Soundbar 600’s biggest strengths is its myriad connectivity options. You can connect it to your TV using an HDMI or optical audio cable, but it also supports AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly stream content to it from your devices. You can even control it totally hands-free using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which is helpful if you want to adjust the volume of the super bowl with greasy or saucy hands. The Bose Smart Soundbar 600’s size, audio hardware, and smart features make it an exceptional deal for any football fans looking to upgrade their sound system before the Super Bowl.

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