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Every golf player, whether a newbie or nearly Tiger Woods-level, always strives to shave a few strokes off their current game. But with winter still in the way, you may not get to practice your swing as much as you want on an actual course. Still, experts note that improving your game is possible within the confinements of your own home. You don’t even need any additional equipment to do it. It can be just you, your club, and a full-length body mirror to monitor your form.

But if you feel that you’re much more effective playing at a course or practice range, you can simulate the experience with the Phigolf World Tour simulator, which is now on sale for 19 percent off. Powered by GPS mapping of L1 Technologies, it’s capable of offering a realistic simulation of over 38,000 golf courses.

This Kickstarter hit, which garnered nearly $200,000 in pledges, is the latest addition to the world-popular Phigolf home golf simulator collection. The World Tour Edition uses the same mapping technology used by the likes of Bushnell, Yamaha, and GolfNow to grant you access to thousands of golf courses, including country clubs and city links, so you can easily familiarize yourself with the layout, feel, and holes at the subsequent courses you’ll be visiting. It comes with a weighted training stick that makes it feel like you’re holding and swinging an actual golf club, and with the sensor, you’ll get a complete picture of your performance. It analyzes your swing, chipping, driving, putting, and more. It then relays the data to the accompanying app before it projects the ball flight on the big screen.

If you don’t feel like playing alone, you have the option to connect with fellow putt lovers via the online Phigolf Wolrd Tour Edition platform.

Practice your swing anytime, anywhere with this portable simulator. It usually retails for $249, but you can get it on sale for only $199.99.

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