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Apple announced the addition of its M2 and M3 chips into its Air line of MacBooks yesterday, bringing even more power to the company’s most portable line of laptops. However, Apple is silently discontinuing the M1 MacBook Air—it’s not available to purchase on Apple’s website. You can, however, purchase it on Best Buy and Amazon and save some major cash if you’re looking to upgrade your laptop and don’t need the latest and greatest tech.

Apple M1 MacBook Air $749.99 (Was $999.99)

Stan Horaczek


If you’re using your laptop to search the internet and work in a word processor like Microsoft Word, the M1 MacBook Air is more than powerful enough to tackle practically any task you throw at it. As we mention in our review, the M1 Air has 10 hours of battery power, is absurdly fast, and—most importantly—doesn’t fry your thighs. It’s still a great working laptop even if you occasionally work in programs that require more heavy lifting. I personally have no problems exporting video or editing images in Photoshop for our Instagram page with the M1 Air.

Apple laptops also can last at least a decade if you take good care of it—I personally still have and use a 2012 MacBook Pro in my personal time. I might even think about upgrading with this deal.

Of course, once these laptops sell out, you’ll have to hit the refurbished market if you want to save some cash on a previous-generation machine. If you’ve thought about upgrading and don’t mind a previous generation laptop that still works fabulously, consider this deal a sign.