X-Rays Reveal A Surprise In This Turtle’s Tummy

One of the 10 award-winning science visualizations from the 2015 Vizzies
While X-raying a snapping turtle, Ted Kinsman was surprised to see it had dozens of eggs inside. [Read more] Ted Kinsman

When Ted Kinsman picked up this specimen on the side of the road one spring morning, he was hoping to get a good X-ray image of a snapping turtle. But after he placed the turtle in the X-ray machine, Kinsman was surprised to see it had about 30 eggs hidden inside. He added false color to the image to accentuate them. A professor of photographic sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Kinsman has been capturing images of local wildlife for the past decade–sometimes living creatures, but more often dead ones, like this expired turtle. His students aren’t surprised, he says, to find road kill in his lab’s freezer.

“False-Color X-Ray Of A Snapping Turtle” won the Expert’s Choice award for Photography at the 2015 Vizzies. See all 10 of the winners here.

This article was originally published in the March 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “The 2015 Vizzies”