Happy Pie Day! 10 Useful Things You Can Make With A Pie Tin

In honor of National Pie Day, why don't you try one of these fun crafts from the Popular Science archives? Use a pie tin to make a jet engine, a telescope, or a lovely chandelier.
Popular Science archives

Today is National Pie Day (the less-cool cousin of March 14’s Pi Day) and, to celebrate, we’ve compiled 10 fun and easy pie-tin crafts from the Popular Science archives.

What do a hipster chandelier, an amateur telescope, and a living-room jet engine have in common? You can make each one with an ordinary pie tin!

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woman looking through a vintage telescope
person making a DIY flash reflector with a glue gun
DIY chandelier pieces
woman putting her umbrella into a wooden umbrella stand
trouble light mounted on a wall with a metal pan
ice cream container on a pie plate in black and white
candle cone and a pie plate in black and white
Lady-Susan pencil holder in black and white
painted pie tins on a wall
DIY hallway ceiling lamp in black and white