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A corner-store umbrella might save cash in the short term, but you’ll pay later when it fails catastrophically during a downpour. So invest in a canopy tough enough to deserve a lifetime warranty. High-tensile-strength materials, frames engineered to withstand gales, and fabric that won’t get sopping wet add up to rain blockers that you can replace for free—instead of angrily stuff in a trash can.

1. Totes Titan Mini

Just over half a pound and under 7 inches long when closed, the Titan Mini hides neatly in the bottom of your everyday carry or in a jacket pocket. The 41-inch canopy keeps you—and itself—dry thanks to a hydrophobic coating that repels rain. That means less drippage once you step back inside or shove it into your bag. $19 on Amazon

2. Davek Solo

Carbon ligaments in the Solo’s frame keep it flexible, so while it might invert when gusts hit, it won’t snap. Its 43-inch canopy has a tight weave (190 thread count, to be precise) to stop leaks and snags, and it folds down to a tidy 11.75-inch package. A button on the handle triggers opening and closing, and it works as a repair switch when things go inside out. $99 from Davek

3. Gustbuster Pro Series Golf

It’s not impossible to flip or break the Gustbuster umbrella, but your grip will almost certainly fail before its frame does. Teardrop-shaped vents in the underlayer allow wind to whoosh out the top, withstanding gusts up to 55 miles per hour. In such harsh conditions, you’ll be glad the massive 5-foot canopy has enough room for a friend to help you cling on to the handle. $45 on Amazon

This article originally appeared in the Extreme Weather issue of Popular Science.