Reinvented Wheel Is A Square

Square wheels offer skateboards more control and grip, the inventors say.

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Could square wheels give you a better ride? One new project on Kickstarter is looking to fund the manufacture of sets of weirdly shaped wheels for skateboards. The design is based on a square, but tilted in a third dimension so that the squares actually roll in a smooth line.

The project is popular: Five days after its launch, it’s already exceeded its $10,000 goal.

You can see the wheels’ square shape from one angle, while in other views, they appear more wavy, like ramen noodles. The startup that’s creating them, called Shark Wheels, says that compared to regular skateboard wheels, the Shark Wheels roll more swiftly and offer better grip during turns and on gravel and sand (A problem on the beachfront walks in Southern California, where the creators are based).

Can’t quite wrap your mind around the shape? The Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student paper, has some helpful photos of bigger versions of the wheel. Shark Wheels also offers a 3D viewer you can visit online.

Shark Wheels’ makers have created prototypes of their design and tested them with experienced riders. They’re looking for funding for larger-scale manufacturing, they say.

Those who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign now can get a set of Shark Wheels’ first run of longboard wheels. Street skateboard wheels will come out in the future, according to the Kickstarter page.