Lauren J. Young, Associate Editor at Popular Science

Lauren J. Young

Associate Editor


  • Science reporter, multimedia producer, and editor with nearly eight years of journalism experience across numerous newsrooms
  • Enthusiastic about covering biological wonders, the effects of climate change on health, education tech and policy, and the role of media and science in an age of bias and misinformation
  • Skilled in long-form narrative writing and editing, fact-checking, live radio, video and audio production, and MARC and Library of Congress cataloging 
  • Works have appeared in Science Friday, Scholastic MATH, Scholastic’s Science World, School Library Journal, Atlas Obscura, Inverse, IEEE Spectrum, and Smithsonian Magazine’s Smart News

Favorite weird science fact

A quick and dirty way to distinguish fossil bone from rocks is with a tongue test. Rocks generally slip off the tongue, while fossil bones will stick when you lick because of the porous nature of bones. And yes, paleontologists do sometimes lick specimens while they are on a dig. You can also lick your finger and see if it sticks to avoid mistakenly licking a bunch of rocks.

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