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Human beings! Clothes-wearers! Folks who maybe drank some milk right out of the jug one time and spilled it all over themselves but okay it was Saturday night and no one was around and whatever it’s not like people have any right to judge others for what they do in their own homes!

Rejoice! Your salvation is nigh.

On Kickstarter now is a shirt called Silic, which repels liquids. If the videos are to be believed, it looks rad. Spill a bunch of soda on your shirt, and it bounces right off.

The shirts are woven with a hydrophobic silica, also known as silicon dioxide. “Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology,” as the Kickstarter says, might be a vague enough claim to cause some concern, but we’ve definitely seen similarly cool stuff with aerosol sprays, so it’s not too much of a stretch to think this could work with clothing.

How the shirt actually feels, along with how long it retains its properties (the team says 80 washes) might require a closer look. But it’s designed by a former designer for the Vera Wang Collection, and definitely looks better than a shirt with an orange juice accent stain.

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