CES 2014: Sony Goes Long On 4K, And Shows Off A New Phone

Watching, recording, and sharing in the new format.

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Sony At CES

4K, the heir apparent to HDTV, is still expensive, and even if you can afford it, you’re not going to find too much video that works with it. Sony, though, with a lot already invested in 4K, is still pushing ahead, adding a whole new line of TVs and content partnerships, along with price-cutting the tools to actually make the content. Although it’s still not clear how much you’ll have to spend to be on the front lines.

The electronics company announced nine new 4K TVs coming to consumers. To put more stuff on those screens, Sony also announced partnerships with companies like Netflix, which will be producing its original series House of Cards in 4K, and move older shows, like Breaking Bad, into the format. Sony’s also using its feature film arm, Sony Pictures_, _to make sure its cameras are being used and produced in the format.

But the format might still be out of reach for the time being, at least for most people. Sony didn’t touch on price for the televisions–maybe not a good sign?–but they did announce a new version of their flagship 4K handycam, touting its affordability. 4K for the common human is still $2,000, apparently.

Xperia Z1S

Rounding out the announcement was a smartband and fitness tracker, tethered to a very beautiful-looking Android app called LifeLog. It tracks how much you walked, calories you burned, etc. (You apparently earn points as you go, which makes me uncomfortable, because, you know, I’m just living here, Sony.) Also coming: a smaller version of the Xperia Z1 smartphone, with an app that moves all of your stuff from your old phone. Also also coming: the Xperia Z1S, which features a killer on-board camera. That’s available online starting next Monday.

But mostly, 4K stuff. Super-HD Kevin Spacey is coming.