CES 2014: Razer Unveils A Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker Combo

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CES 2014: Razer Unveils A Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker Combo


The last product I tried from Razer, a gaming hardware company producing some great, if expensive, gadgets, was the Edge, an unholy fusion of PC and tablet that turned out to be pretty neat. Given that combinatorial spirit, you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised when the company tried something similar, even if it wasn’t related to gaming. But here we are: the company has announced the Razer Nabu, a cross between a smartwatch and fitness tracker.

And that’s an apt description. The Nabu is somewhere between the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and the Nike+ FuelBand. First, it gives you notifications: all of your emails, texts, weather alerts, news, and more pop up on an OLED screen, grabbed by the Nabu through your Android or iOS phone. A vibration alerts you when that happens. On the bottom of the wrist-a-ma-jig (Razer calls it a “smartband”) is a second screen that gives more details on the alert. It’s all operated by a single button you use to scroll through your notifications.

On the fitness tracking side, the Nabu uses a location tracker to let you know about how healthy you’ve been lately, telling you the number of miles you’ve walked, the steps you’ve climbed, etc. It’s also loaded with a sleep tracker that can monitor your rest and wake you up with an alarm at the optimal time.

The band will be coming out at the end of the first quarter of this year, and will start at $49. (That’s the price for developers hoping to make an alert system for the gadget ahead of a wider release.) We haven’t tried it out yet, and so we can’t say how it’ll stack up to other wristwear we’ve loved, but we’ll keep you posted if we come across it or any other gear at CES.