Watch: Isabella Rossellini Has A New Series Of Animal Seduction Videos

We are very excited to learn about how snakes get to know each other, and also to be kind of weirded out.

If you’ve never seen Italian actress Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno _series, you have a weird, wondrous day ahead of you, my friend. The short video series, which appeared on the Sundance Channel, featured Rossellini essentially doing an R-rated _Muppet Show: she’d act out the mating habits of various animals using puppets and other twee props to describe copulation. Does that sound weird? It is! It is weirder than you could imagine! And it is wonderful.

Now Rossellini has created a new series about the art of animal seduction — and oh, my God, cancel every appointment you have for the next hour. You’ll never look at salmon the same way again.