Minecraft HDD Controller Top View
Minecraft HDD Controller Top View. The0JJ/imgur.com

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Over the hills, across the stone bridge, past the giant pony, around the lake of questionable test, and beyond the giant rainbow barrier sits a work of great artifice on a grey plain. Far larger than any single inhabitant of this virtual world, the contraption is a complete, working computer, run entirely within the rules and universe of Minecraft. The hard drive stores up to 4 kilobytes of data, and it is covered in torches to keep zombies from attacking it at night.

It’s an impressive set-up, with platters capable of 256 positions and each position storing 16 bits of data, but the creators of the hard drive have given no indication of what information it presently stores. However they’d need roughly 1021 more of these hard drives to equal what the NSA is storing in Utah.

This is hardly the first computer built within a video game, nor the first computer built within minecraft. Here’s a simple calculator in the game “Little Big Planet:”

Gaming photo

And here’s another computer, built inside minecraft:

Gaming photo

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