January 2013: The Year In Ideas

Letter From The Editor

Lucky 13

By Jacob Ward


The Helmet Wars

Athletes in the U.S. suffer 3.8 million sports-related concussions each year. While helmet makers dither with small improvements, Swedish scientists have built something that could protect us all. By Tom Foster

Inside China’s Secret Arsenal

** The Chinese government is rapidly building a bigger, more sophisticated military. Here’s what they have, what they want, and what it means for the U.S.** By Peter W. Singer

2012: The Big Stories

** An at-a-glance summary of the year’s 25 most important scientific events.** By Colleen Park, illustration and design by Headcase Design

The Year In Science

News Bytes From 2013

PopSci predicts the top news stories of the next year. By Miriam Kramer, Taylor Kubota, and Colleen Park

What’s New


How 2.0



  • A Plasma Explosion On The Surface Of The Sun