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Have you ever wanted to be a squirrel? They don’t have a bad life, hanging out in trees, collecting nuts, chasing other squirrels around trees, disrupting the Unites States’ energy grid. While it’s still not possible to morph into one of these fuzzy rodents, you can now get an inside peek into the inner life of a squirrel, thanks to GoPro footage captured by YouTube user Viva Frei.

In the video above, a GoPro left near a favorite squirrel hangout (a tree) is picked up by a grey squirrel and carried up into the tree’s canopy, giving viewers a look at how squirrels get around, and VR game developers the inspiration for the next big virtual reality game.

It’s a wild ride, but not all GoPro ventures with squirrels turn out this well, as Viva Frei discovered in a later video. Sometimes, instead of dropping the camera back on the ground, the squirrel will just leave it up in the tree, forcing the hapless owner to climb the tree on his own to retrieve it.