You Could Own A Pool-Shooting, Beer-Fetching Willow Garage Robot

After showing it off to the world in a series of tantalizing videos, Willow Garage has finally announced that they will be making their PR2 robot available for sale next month.

This is the humanoid robot that we've seen shooting pool, folding laundry, fetching beer from the fridge, and even finding an outlet and plugging itself in for a well-deserved recharge. We've compiled a gallery of our favorite PR2 moments.

Disclaimer: Willow Garage has not sent or offered PopSci any cool gifts, such as an awesome free robot, in exchange for our continued objective coverage of their creations. We would like one with the beer software preloaded, please.

PR2 Plays Pool

As seen in Video: Willow Garage Robot Learns How to Play Pool in Just One Week

PR2 Folds Laundry

As seen in Adorable Laundry-Folding Robot Gives Your Towels Fastidious Attention

PR2 Opens Doors

As seen in New Robot Opens Doors, Plugs Self In

PR2 Plugs Itself In

As seen in New Robot Opens Doors, Plugs Self In

PR2 Gets a Beer

As seen in Faithful Willow Garage Robot Taught to Fetch Beer from Fridge

PR2 Tidies Up After a Wild Party