With its green screens, choreo, and ample pet content, TikTok has been one of the best distractions this year. The app, which hit 100 million US users during the pandemic, keeps churning out video hits, left and right. And while we have to remember that it’s the people who make the platform, not the other way around, it’s hard to imagine life without the little cursive “T” at this point.

If you’re more of a follower than a trendsetter, chances are you still have a hashtag or two you’re itching to try at home. Well, we’re here to make your dreams come true with a snazzy shopping list for yourself and the other TikTok stans in your life. Whether you actually grab a ring light and hit the record button to show off your new gear is entirely up to you.

Paint mixing


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The user that made it viral: @tonesterpaints

If you’re looking for a quick and not-so-dirty way to make mysterious new hues, a spiral blade bit attached to a power drill will do the trick. Just make sure you’re accustomed to using one before ruining a gallon of good paint (or the walls of your home).

Whipped coffee


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The user that made it viral: @arianalee99

All you need to make whipped Dalgona coffee is sugar, water, freeze-dried grounds, and a bit of forearm power. For the most traditional taste, use a beloved Korean brand of instant coffee like Maxpresso. Based on the reviews, people seem to also enjoy it straight.

Half-court challenge


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The user that made it viral: @auntiechantel

While pick-up games are largely on pause due to the pandemic, you can still work on your long-range shot solo. MaxKare’s adjustable hoop can take a beating from your treys, along with the wind and natural elements.

WAP dance


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The user that made it viral: @iamcardib and @theestallion

You’ll have to watch the “WAP” music video and the many, many spin offs to get a handle on this one. But getting the right stretchy costume is a step in the right direction.

Skin peels


The Ordinary AHA + BHA Peeling Solution ($16)

Recommended by thousand-year-old vampires everywhere.

The user that made it viral: @kaeylynwhitee

This drippy, blood-like mask swept through beauty TikTok, even though it seems more fitting for the horror subcat. Use the acid-based deep exfoliant twice a week to clean out pores, smooth out dark spots, and hydrate skin.

Native fashion

Thunder Voice Hat Co.

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The user that made it viral: @thundervoicehatco

There’s a thin line between appropriating cultures and celebrating them. You can do the second by supporting native creators and artists, who’ve made TikTok a beautifully rich runway of sorts. Right now, the Navajo-style wide-brim hats in the Thunder Voice store are all sold out, but their handmade cotton masks are still in stock.

Freeze frame

The user that made it viral: @kkarrrambaby

You don’t need any special accessories to test out the TikTok freeze-frame tool, but elf ears seem to pop up in quite a few of the videos. This Etsy maker crafts latex pieces that match different tones.

Dreams + Ocean Spray

The user that made it viral: @420doggface208

It’s a short ride between the musical intro and Stevie Nicks’s dreamy vocals in the classic Fleetwood Mac track. You’ll do fine on a comfortable little skateboard like Penny’s, in cranberry red no less.

Hey God, what’s up?


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The user that made it viral: @lizmopetey

In case you wanted to remake this heavenly blunder, where a TikTok-er acting as both God and an angel accidentally caused the K-Pg mass extinction, we’ve got just the play set for you. Triceratops probably weren’t shiny purple in real life—but this is satire, not science.

Bad covers


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The user that made it viral: @theethanfields

Why cover your favorite band when you can cover your second-favorite band covering your ultimate-favorite band? If you understand that sentence at all and are interested in going further, a flexible sound mixer like a keyboard synth will help.