The best cannabis accessories to celebrate the holiblaze

Not everyone wants a bottle of whiskey to help them unwind over the holidays, so we've smoked out the best gifts for the canna-bliss connoisseur in your life.

Best papers

A pink package of Blazy Susan papers on a blue and white background

Blazy Susan High Roller Kit

Best splurge

A storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid on a blue and white background

Storz u0026 Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Best water pipe

A Marley Natural waterpipe on a blue and white background

Marley Natural Water Pipe

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Not everyone who enjoys taking the edge off holiday hysteria likes—or wants—booze as a present. More than 55 million adults consume cannabis—so this guide is for when that person you’re gifting for happens to be one of them. Not only will giving something from this selection of the best cannabis accessories make others green with envy, but they might also invite you on the cousins walk to test it out. 

Best papers: Blazy Susan High Roller Kit

This isn’t your usual pack of papers and filter tips. This convenient package from Blazy Susan lets you choose the size of your papers every time you roll: simply pull your preferred length from the 8-meter roll to make a personal joint or one meant to be shared among friends. The kit also comes with a full set of perforated filter tips since no one wants to hit a slobbery, damp joint. Blazy Susan also makes our favorite cones that hardly canoe. The shorty size is perfect for a solo sesh, and the 98-millimeter size is great for groups.

Best infused drink: Flyers THC Pack

Get the sophistication of a craft cocktail minus the next-day hangover with this trio pack that includes three sophisticated sippers: Sparkling Ol’ Fashioned, equal parts smokey and sweet; Sparkling Margarita, a fresh citrus drink with a little kick; and Sparkling Spritz, bitter in the best way with a lovely touch of mandarin orange. Each can contains 5 milligrams of hemp-derived THC, which is just enough to make you giggle without wanting to fall asleep.

Best grinder: Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Herb Grinder

Switching to another grinder is hard once you’ve used the Santa Cruz Shredder. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized, scratch-resistant finish for a longtime grind. Its 45 sharp teeth give you an even, fluffy grind. There’s even an included scraper. Although we love this basic 3-piece design, it also comes in a biodegradable hemp material and a two-piece design. This Leune credit card grinder is another great portable option, under $10, and stylish.

Best vaporizer: Pax Plus

Vaporizing cannabis can be less harsh on your lungs—and less smelly—than inhaling smoke from a joint or water pipe. The Pax Plus uses conduction heating to give a hearty hit in a small, discreet package. The Pax Plus has a .5-gram capacity and an included concentrate insert, expanding your options when it comes to strain sampling. If you’re gifting to someone who mostly consumes flower, the Pax Mini might be a better option. It has the same battery life and heat time with a slightly smaller capacity and price tag. 

Best rolling tray: Blazy Susan Hemp Plastic Rolling Tray

This 100% biodegradable rolling tray has spots for a grinder, lighter, and a pack of papers. A valley in the tray keeps all your material in a central spot, and a funnel-like open corner helps make clean-up less messy (we’ve all struggled to get extra herb back into the grinder after rolling). It’s a major step up from basic metal rolling trays. But if you go with a metal tray, you should still stick to Blazy

Best splurge: Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

The Storz & Bickel Volcano is the Rolls-Royce of tabletop vaporizers. At $699, this may be out of the price range to work as a White Elephant gift, unlike many of our choices, but it is perfect for the high-end cannabis consumer in your life. You can inhale through the classic valve balloon or through the new hookah-like tube kit. It heats up in two minutes, and the controls are easy to use and see. It’s even Bluetooth-equipped to control it via the S&B App for Android (sorry iOS users). If you know someone collecting the best-of-the-best cannabis accessories, this can be their centerpiece.  

Best handheld for controlled dosing: Omura Series X Complete Bundle

Omura Series X Complete Bundle

For the eco-conscious, paper straws are figuratively hot. For the toke-conscious, paper straws are also literally hot, thanks to the Omura Series X vaporizer. It’s a discreet, combustion-free handheld that heats “Flowersticks” you pack with dry herb (fill system included in the bundle) for a personal smoke(less) session. Each Flowerstick is FSC-certified rainforest-friendly paper and 100 percent compostable—stats that can make you feel good while all the cannabinoids and terpenes freed during a three-minute roast make you feel good. Not only are the Flowersticks better for the environment and your mood, but they also allow you to control your intake; if one ain’t enough fun, two could do. And, because your mouth never touches the vaporizer itself, it’s perfect for the lonely stoner who seems to free his mind at night and a more hygienic system to share with friends (and/or family).

Best preroll holder: Sackville & Co. Keychain Holder

Stop joints from getting crushed on the go with this aluminum joint holder from Sackville & Co., which is discreet, stylish, and minimalist. Simply slip your preroll into the case, close the cap, and attach it to your keys. It has room for one regular-sized joint and two minis. No one will be able to sniff out the green on you.

Best for on-the-go: The Clinger

Is your gift receiver always asking for a lighter or rooting around their bag, pockets, or glove compartment for one? This smell-proof, crush-proof holder can hold one joint and hugs your lighter so it will never feel alone or lost.

Best air purifier: LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier

Smoking indoors can leave a lingering smell on your couch cushions and make your apartment a hazy, musty mess. Stop smells before they even happen by running this air purifier before, during, and after sesh time. Its touchscreen is responsive, and we love the quiet night feature, so you don’t even hear it purifying the air. If you really want to play it safe, spray some odor-eliminator spray when you’re done.

Best set: RAW Rolling Tray Combo

This set comes with a rolling tray, two packs of 1 1/4-inch rolling papers, two packs of RAW Original tips, a RAW rolling machine, and a joint travel tube. You also have a choice of small or large tray to gift adequately. This is a great gift for cannabis consumers of all levels, because no one ever complained about having too many papers.  

Best pipe: Sackville & Co. Crystal Ball Pipe

Move past the bowl pipes with this spherical stunner from Sackville & Co. It’s made of colorful borosilicate glass, making it beautiful and functional. It’s meant to be displayed proudly on a coffee table or bookshelf, thanks to its matching glass cradle.

Best water pipe: Marley Natural Water Pipe

For those with a water pipe on their wishlist, gift them a stylish one from Marley Natural. Borosilicate glass gives it strength, and sustainably sourced black walnut gives it beauty. It has removable sections for easy cleaning, and an ice catcher lets you pull cooler vapor. Regardless, your hits will be smooth thanks to its 5-hole downstem. 

Best lighter: BIC Classic Lighter 10-Pack

Make it up to your friend for all the lighters you’ve pilfered off them with this colorful 10-pack from BIC. If you’re really trying to call it even, snag them this classy silver Clipper refillable and reflintable lighter.


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