Whether you were stuck working with a mouse from the bottom of the office-supply closet or you’re an old pro who remembers having to de-gunk the trackball whenever you use your home PC, odds are you know how much a bad mouse can impact your productivity. Mice are no longer just devices that allow you to click an icon on your home screen. Due to the demands of professional design and video-editing programs, mice now provide customizable settings to make work easier and extreme response times to make sure your every action is registered precisely. And then there are mice that cater to gamers, ensuring the precision as well as quality-of-life upgrades that make being stuck to a mouse all day less of a pain and more of pleasure.

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The Logitech MX Master 2S is a wireless mouse that promises to work smoothly on any service, thanks to its laser-grade tracking. Now that is a big promise to live up to. But that isn’t it’s killer app. Through an included receiver or Bluetooth connection the MX 2S can control up to three Windows or Apple computers. That means that with a simple motion you can move your cursor from one computer to another. Copy a paragraph on one computer and paste it into an email on another.Highlight a folder on one computer and drag it onto the screen of another—no cloud, or unwieldy file transfer service needed. Ergonomic design and auto-shift scrolling make it the ideal mouse for surfing the web or reading dense files.

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This Microsoft USB mouse has the kind of quality build you might associate with classic Apple products. That means it will last. And an ergonomic design means your hand and wrist won’t give out before the mouse does. But the biggest selling point here is the PixArt tracking sensor, which delivers hyper-responsiveness that conforms to your every twitch. Two customizable buttons will also make repetitive tasks a lot more tolerable.

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A lot of gamer-focused mice look like Redbull-fueled UFOs that crash-landed in a neon paint factory before being rehabbed by a mixed-martial-arts T-shirt designer. That is to say, they are garish as heck and will get you laughed out of most public places. That isn’t the case with Razer’s DeathAdder V2. In fact, the relatively minimalist design should fit in pretty well on an office desk, where its looks will belie its extreme responsiveness, delivered by an 20K DPI optical sensor. Customization is key here, as Razer’s software allows you to determine just how quickly the DeathAdder responds to your touch and to map exactly which annoying shortcuts its eight programmable buttons will handle. This is a wired mouse, but the accompanying Speedflex cable is light, reducing drag and the need for cable bungees.

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There’s no question that this is a gaming mouse designed specifically to appeal to esports players. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a look for those concerned with mastering office life. To start, the optical tracking on this mouse is insane. You won’t find yourself struggling to get a folder from one place to another. But then there are all the perks. A built-in OLED display allows you to adjust sensitivity settings on the fly, get alerts from Discord (which we suppose some folks use in the office), change button mapping, or display customizable GIFs. The mouse’s vibration setting pairs well with games but can also be set for alerts. And, finally, you can swap out the sensor or the mouse’s USB cable in case something breaks or you need an upgrade.