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It used to be that you were either a mitten person or a glove person. Mitten people delighted in coaxing their hands into soft fuzzy nests, knowing they might have to rip their mittens off at any time and face the cold to find their car keys or retie their boots. Glove people wanted both warmth and dexterity without compromise. When smartphones and touchscreens came along, it looked like no one was safe from the icy grip of winter. Fortunately, these smart gloves have evolved to heat things back up.

Basic: Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

Except for the darker “e-tips” on the thumb and index finger of these gloves, you’d never know these were an upgrade to an old classic. The outside layer is made from 100 percent wool and the inside is packed with Thinsulate and a fleece liner for comfort and heat retention. Tuck into the pockets of your anorak for a brisk morning hike, or pair with a peacoat for a night on the town.

Budget pick: Agloves Unisex Sport Touchscreen Gloves

Don’t run from the cold. Take it by the hand. Agloves touchscreen gloves are made with a soft, acrylic fiber that keep your hands warm and keep you connected to your phone. It doesn’t matter if you text with your pinky or your thumb, these gloves have silver-coated, nylon conductive fiber knitted into all 10 fingers. The silver also acts as a thermoregulator and traps the heat inside.

Best fashion: Bruceriver Ladie’s Wool Knit Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

These Bruceriver gloves are also 100 percent wool knit, lined with fleece, and filled with 40g of 3M’s trademark thermal insulation—they’re just marketed to people with slightly smaller hands. This pair also comes in red, which would look fantastic against an eggshell, light grey, or slate dress coat.

For workouts: Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves Warm Gloves

No one wants to accessorize their high-performance athletic gear with a giant pair of floofy mittens. Grab a pair of these unisex gloves instead, which are made of lightweight polyester and spandex, and are easy to store when you start shedding layers on a cycling adventure or run. Check your stats on your smartphone or touchscreen watch without slowing down. (You still have to look where you’re going.) A silicone design on the fingers and palms gives you a better grip on handlebars or post-workout snacks.

For colder weather: KINGSBOM Waterproof Warm Gloves

This extra-tough pair will help you embrace the great outdoors while saying “I’m good” to nasty wind chills and precipitation. The water, snow, and wind-resistant surface of these gloves covers a moisture-wicking interior packed with multiple layers of Thinsulate. An elastic knit cuff helps you bridge the dreaded draft gap between sleeve and wrist while you engage in wintry forest bathing or conquer a barren peak. Silicone gel pads make gripping equipment easier on your hands, and the device-friendly tips (on thumb and index fingers) allow you to snap pics of your chill athletic feats.