The best sex toys for couples, tested and reviewed

Come one, come all, and come together with couples-friendly sex toys that make the horizontal tango even spicier.

Best overall

A blue We-Vibe O Sync and remote on a white fuzzy carpet

We-Vibe Sync O

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Best for beginners

A blue Unbound Squish sex toy on a plain background

Unbound Squish

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Best budget

A periwinkle plusOne personal massager on a plain gray blackground

plusOne Personal Massager

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We love masturbation, but using a sex toy as a couple is, for lack of a better phrase, incredibly hot. Being behind the steering wheel of someone else’s desires? Doing some long-distance debauchery with the help of a smart vibe and app? Implementing tools so your hands can go other places? You won’t just get two tickets to Pleasureville—you’ll get a season pass, the keys to the city, a memorial plaque along main street, and even a statue built in your joint honor. Casting sexual stigma aside is a task that doesn’t undo itself overnight. If you decide to take the journey, you’ll be a stronger couple thanks to the communication, direction, and confidence you gain from experimentation. The best sex toys for couples make coming together easy, intimate, and even a little spiritual.

How we chose the best sex toys for couples

I previously covered the best sex toys, so I’ve been around the block when it comes to knowing what to look for. We also looked at reviews and recommendations and spoke to experts. We also … tested them ourselves, so you can feel better a real person has handled what’s in this story. We also looked at versatility in use and the kinds of bodies they can be used on. High-end sex toys are well worth the money, but we want to make sure you get your money’s worth out of them.

Everything on this is body-safe, meaning it’s non-toxic and non-porous. Bad bacteria and your sensitive bits aren’t the best couple here.

PS: We know gender is fake! We use some gendered terms here, but just know all these toys are made for bodies regardless of how you identify.

The best sex toys for couples: Reviews & Recommendations

It’s not every day you get to polish the banister (real euphemism for masturbation, by the way) in the name of product journalism. One of our picks should help you and your honey paddle the pink canoe or shuck corn.

Best overall: We-Vibe Sync O 

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  • Settings: 10 vibration modes
  • Waterproof?: Yes, IPX7
  • Pleasure point: G-spot, clitoris
  • Battery life: 150 minutes


  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof


  • Remote is small, so be cognizant not to lose
  • Still hard to keep on the clitoris

I previously tried We-Vibes’ other hands-free C-shaped vibrators, like the Chorus and Sync Go, and found it difficult to keep the internal parts inside my body. I still will recommend both vibes—what isn’t my cup of tea could certainly be yours—but the We-Vibe Sync O is the answer to my personal problem. It provides dual stimulation, and the insertable portion has a little more surface area to stay put. The O-shaped internal arm is flexible and comfortable to insert, and there’s more than one way to use it. You can use it by yourself hands-free, during penetrative intercourse, during foreplay, or with another G-spot toy or dildo. You can control it yourself via the remote or on the device itself. We recommend the remote so your hands can focus on other places.

Its 10 intensity levels range from a low, rumbly purr to a buzzy high. Like the Chorus and the Sync Go, you can control the We-Vibe Sync O on your phone, making it perfect if you’re looking to stay while dating long distance. It’s also IPX7 waterproof rated so that you can use it in the bath or shower, and body-safe silicone gives us peace of mind.

Some reviews mention that you still have to hold the external part in place to really get it on the clitoris. Otherwise, you get overall vulvar stimulation. We also experienced that. Body movement tends to knock anything out of place, so it wasn’t a deal-breaker for us. The remote is very small, which screams “lose me,” so just keep an eye on it or keep it in the included drawstring bag when not in use.

Best rated: Magic Wand Cordless Vibrator

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  • Settings: 4 speeds, 4 patterns
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Pleasure point: Anywhere
  • Battery life: 180 minutes


  • Great battery life
  • A classic, now rechargeable
  • Doubles as a percussion massager


  • Not everyone’s cup of tea
  • Not waterproof

The Magic Wand is the toy that people think of when talking about sex toys. This wand has been around since 1968, and with that history comes great responsibility. The Magic Wand has been used in scientific studies, so its power (up to 6,300 RPMs) is pretty legit. Its settings are simple but still get the job done: You only get four vibration speeds and four vibration patterns. It lasts for a marathon 180 minutes, which blows the battery life out of almost every single sex toy on this list. You can use it on clits, frenulums, nipples, or on the shoulders for a nice massage. It did originate as a percussion massager, after all.

We’ve also tried the Magic Wand Micro, which packs the Magic Wand’s simplicity and flexible neck into a pint-sized package. I personally prefer it over the Magic Wand. I love a good buzzy, too, but the Magic Wand can be … a little much! If you’ve found that regular wand massagers leave you uncomfortably numb, give the Micro a try. You can also show your sex toy allegiance by using the Micro as a keychain. Two birds, one stone, you get it.

Sarah Tomchesson, a certified sex educator and Magic Wand’s director of marketing, also recommends using the Magic Wand’s smaller cousin in the bedroom.

“Right now, my favorite toy for couples is the Magic Wand Micro,” she says. “It boasts the power of the famous full-sized Magic Wand but starts at a more subtle vibration on its lowest setting. It is ideal for warming up the body to full arousal, using it on both partners, and its compact size fits nicely between bodies or in your bag for date night or a sexy getaway.”

Best for beginners: Unbound Squish

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  • Settings: 6 total; 4 intensities and 2 patterns
  • Waterproof?: Yes (Rating not listed)
  • Pleasure point: Anywhere
  • Battery life: 2.5 hours on lowest setting; 1 hour on highest


  • Haptic settings
  • Soft silicone
  • Easy to hold


  • Reviews note haptic controls are hard to use
  • A little expensive for how the user experience is

A bullet vibrator is most often everyone’s entrance into sex toys. However, they can be hard to hold and don’t give you the power or rumble some may crave. They’re also not that waterproof, depending on the kind you buy. That’s not the case with the Unbound Squish. We love that you can control it via the buttons on the vibe or by squeezing it. The tech isn’t perfect, but it does make for a fun experience. The pointed tip can be used on many erogenous zones, and the ridge at the top provides an extra yummy sensation. It’s waterproof, and it comes in its own little bag for easy travel. It is a little pricey for an entry-level vibe and the experience it provides, which isn’t bed-rocking but great as an entrance to sex toys. We also love the MysteryVibe Poco, which is flexible and the best for beginner choice in our original sex toy story.

Best for men: Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Stroker

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  • Settings: 12 total (6 speeds, 6 patterns)
  • Waterproof?: Yes (Rating not listed)
  • Pleasure point: Penis, frenulum
  • Battery life: 40-120 minutes, depending on settings


  • Finger loop base for easy holding
  • Can be used in many different ways
  • Travel lock
  • Quiet


  • Motor could be more powerful

Foreplay and masturbation don’t have to be all spit and friction. Consider adding a toy, like a stroker or cock ring, to experience different sensations. We love the Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Stroker just for that reason. Its vibrations (it comes with six speeds and six patterns) and ridges are different than a hand, and you can use it by yourself or with a pal. In fact, it’s designed with couples in mind. You can slide it in-between bodies during penetrative sex, or you can position it at the base of the penis to step up oral sex. Its finger loop base makes it easy to hold, and it’s extremely quiet, meaning noise from vibrations won’t wreck your mood. Plus, it’s waterproof so that you can bring it into the shower built-free. Reviews note, however, that the motor could be more powerful. If you’re looking for something gentler, congratulations, you’ve found it.

Best for women: Womanizer Next

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  • Settings: 14
  • Waterproof?: Yes, IPX7 rated
  • Pleasure point: Clitoris
  • Battery life: 120 minutes


  • Incredibly quiet
  • Climax control
  • 3D Pleasure Air is a game-changer
  • Extra stimulator head for different bodies


  • Unwieldy

Suction vibrators are some of my favorite vibes to use by myself or with a partner during foreplay. I’ve tried many of them based on the nature of my work, and some have stood out more than others. The Womanizer Next, with its 14 intensity settings and 3D Pleasure Air tech, is at the head of the pack by a mile. It has everything I want in a vibrator: It’s powerful but quiet, waterproof, easy to clean, and made of oh-so-soft silicone. An extra stimulator head helps you find what fits best with your body, and you can order more online. Climax control is the cherry on top, giving you three Air Wave depths to choose from. You know that one SpongeBob meme? You’ll feel like that after using this vibe.

You can also choose Autopilot mode, which puts the control in Next’s metaphoric hands. You won’t have to worry about pushing buttons, and you get to try something new. Win-win!

It has a chunkier profile compared to others I’ve tried, but frankly, I don’t care. I glean over this con. It’s just that good. If it really worries you, consider the Womanizer Pro 40, which is a little sleeker but just as beloved.

Best budget: plusOne Personal Massager

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  • Settings: 10 vibration modes
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • Pleasure point: Everywhere
  • Battery life: 4 hours


  • Compact
  • Discreet
  • Long battery life


  • Reviews note performance issues

The brand plusOne makes some of our favorite budget sex toys. They’re high in quality but won’t leave your wallet dry. This compact wand can be used all over the body, making it a perfect addition to foreplay and sex. It’s also waterproof, meaning you can use it in the shower. The battery life is crazy long for how small it is, and its flexible head is reminiscent of the one on the Magic Wand. It fits well in your hand, isn’t unwieldy, and has soft silicone that rivals higher-end vibes. If you’re beginning your vibrator journey, plusOne is a great place to start.

You get what you pay for with this wand, however. Reviews note that it doesn’t have the vibration juice compared to other vibes, and it doesn’t have the shelf life of higher-end toys.

What to consider when buying the best sex toys for couples

In these kinds of stories, we often say, “Not all [blank] are made equal,” but we really mean it this time. Sex toys, despite being products that promote sexual wellness, are not regulated by the FDA, which means anyone can make, market, and produce a sex toy that’s a little shady, just like that one situationship in college.

“Quality toys are worth the investment,” Sarah Tomchesson, Magic Wand’s marketing director and a certified sex educator, says. “A quality sex toy is user-tested, made of body-safe materials, and components that will last. If budget is a concern for a buyer, the best approach is to join the mailing list for a reputable sex toy retailer and take advantage of seasonal sales promotions rather than searching for the lowest-priced toy online.”

Here’s what you should look for before putting anything in or on your partner’s body or your own:


You want to look for body-safe toys. This means you can use them around and inside your body. If you see that it’s made of silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass, you’re in the clear. Body-safe materials are free from phthalates and won’t change forms when exposed to different temperatures.

Generally, be wary of anything porous. You’ll know something is porous if it’s see-through, sticky, stretchy, or has a strong rubbery odor. “Porous” doesn’t mean “inherently dangerous,” however; some porous materials can be phthalate-free and non-toxic, but they can harbor germs and be almost impossible to disinfect. Most cock rings and a few wand heads use porous materials. You’ll want to keep it to yourself if it’s made from cyber skin, jelly, PVC, rubber (even skin-safe rubber), UR3, and vinyl.

“Beware of ‘silicone blends’ as they may contain unknown plastics or materials,” Tomchesson adds.

If you’re working with porous wand heads and toys, cover them with a polyurethane condom to reduce risk if using it with another person (and change the condom with each new person that uses it), emphasis on “reduce risk.”

If you’re unsure if your sex toy material is body-safe, simply ask. Many manufacturers have emails and customer service chats that can answer any questions about a certain toy.

Buying from reputable brands can also give you peace of mind. Platforms like Lovehoney and Spectrum Boutique, buying right from the manufacturer’s website, and buying from the manufacturer’s Amazon storefront are surefire ways to know you’re purchasing from a good place. If you see a storefront name that looks like it was made by your cat walking across your keyboard, you might want to stay clear of it in this case.

Kinds of sex toys

There are so many kinds of sex toys. So many! Tomchesson says toys that are easy to hold, quiet, can be positioned between bodies, and increase access to previously undiscovered nerve endings during a couple’s play are ideal for couples to add into the mix.

Here are just a few that are perfect for partner play:

  • Glass toys: Great for temperature play (can throw it in the freezer/fridge for cold and put it in warm water for hot), also non-porous and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wands: Fun and rumbly, you can use these all over, even for sore shoulders.
  • Bullets: Perfect on nipples, clitorises, frenulums, perineums … the world is your oyster.
  • Strokers: Great to assist during oral play or add some pizazz to solo play.
  • C-shaped toys: Can use them on your partner during foreplay, on yourself during solo play, or with your partner. You can also use them while having sex or with a G-spot vibrator (we’re huge fans of the We-Vibe Rave 2) or dildo. You have options!

When buying a sex toy for the first time, Tomchesson says the first question couples should ask themselves is what their goal is with using a toy. Other follow-up questions include: Is there a new kind of play or sex position they are interested in exploring? Are they experiencing an orgasm gap in the relationship where one partner is experiencing pleasure and orgasms while the other is not? Are they interested in taking their bedroom explorations in a new direction? 

“Once a couple is clear on what they are hoping to achieve with a new toy, the search narrows, and it is easier to find a good fit,” she says. “From there, couples can read online reviews, visit a sex-positive store, or search a Reddit thread for inspiration. A quality sex toy will have positive reviews on reputable online sexual wellness shops, and detailed specs and product information, including the materials.” 

Tomchesson recommends looking for products with versatility, such as variable speeds and the ability to use them in a variety of ways, all over the body, and in solo play and couples play. She says that, for your first toy purchase, find a pleasure product that looks and feels inviting and is simple to use. 

“Your first sex toy should excite you and make you eager to get into the bedroom,” she says. 

Then, she says to test it out before using it with your partner. “Read the instructions, charge it up, and get familiar with the settings before you are in the heat of the moment with your partner. This way, you can intuitively integrate the toy into your play rather than fumbling your way through it.”

Regardless of the sex toy you choose and use, we also recommend the Liberator Fascinator Throw to protect soft surfaces from bodily fluids.

A note on lube and cleaning

Lubes are perfect for getting things slippery, which reduces friction and increases fun. You’ll want to use silicone lube like the Shine Silicon lube from Maude on glass toys, when you’re getting frisky in the water, or when you’re just using your hands. However, do not use silicone lube with silicone toys—that will damage them. Instead, use a water-based lube like good ‘ol Astroglide. We also have to recommend Astroglide because of its rocket-science roots

“Lubricant reduces friction and increases your sensitive nerve endings’ receptiveness to pleasurable sensations,” Tomchesson says. “Using a toy for the first time will be more enjoyable with lubricant.”

If you’re using a toy with someone who isn’t fluid bonded to you (aka, you both haven’t had the conversation and taken steps to stop using barrier contraception with each other), or you just want to keep your body fluids separate from your honey’s, use a polyurethane condom with your toy and change it after playtime is over, or when a new partner comes into the mix.

When you’re cleaning toys, don’t submerge non-waterproof toys in water. You can wash them with warm water and mild, fragrance-free soap, or you can use sex toy cleaner like this one from Hello Cake.

“Sex toy cleaners are a great option for cleaning because they are body-safe and designed to be compatible with every sex toy material,” Tomchesson says. “Soap and warm water can be an effective way to keep your toys clean as long as you use a body-safe soap that you would also feel comfortable using on your sensitive bits. Sometimes people think they need to wash their toys in alcohol to get them clean, but alcohol and harsh cleaners can irritate the skin and therefore should not be used to clean sex toys.” 

Add a soft toothbrush if your toy has crevices, like suction toys. You can also boil toys made from silicone, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel to disinfect them. You can even disinfect your toy in the dishwasher. If your toys have mechanical parts, it’s best to keep them out of boiling water. As we mentioned, ask the manufacturer before you mix your vibrator with last night’s dishes. Last, air dry your toys to prevent lint and fibers from sticking to your toys.


Q: Is it normal for couples to use sex toys?

Yes! Absolutely! Duh! The myth that couples only use sex toys when they’re unsatisfied has been busted. They can strengthen relationships and sexual satisfaction, create intimacy, and liven up the moves already in use. Using sex toys promotes open communication and direction. And, it’s OK if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable introducing toys into the dynamic. After all, consent is always key.

Q: Are high-end sex toys worth the investment?

Personally, we think yes. Although you can get an affordable toy that does the job safely (as seen by the plusOne personal massager), you get better materials, designs, and features when you spend a little extra. It will also last longer and be less prone to breaking. If you do the “cost per orgasm” math, you’ll find that your investment was worth it.

Q: Can I get an STI from a sex toy?

Tl;dr: Yes. The longer explanation: If you’re only using it on yourself or you have a long-term monogamous partner and both of you have already tested, you’re all good. However, if you share a sex toy with another person with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and use it on yourself, you are at risk of catching an STI. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting sex toys before and after use can keep dangerous germs and bacteria at bay, as we mentioned above. Put a condom on the toy to prevent STI spread when using toys with a new person or a different partner.

Final thoughts on the best sex toys for couples

There is nothing wrong with good old regular missionary. But what if you could add some seasoning—say, something spicy and rich like Tajín or harissa—to your vanilla sex life? Sex toys for couples do just that, making foreplay and partnered play more pleasurable than it already is. Trying something new in the bedroom can bring you and your sweetie closer and rekindle a flame into a roaring fire.

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