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Updated Nov 22, 2022 8:27 PM

Americans spent a big chunk of the past year sitting: while millions of us were laid off due to coronavirus budget cuts, millions more were sent away from the office to work from home, in less than ideal setups. Kitchen tables were converted into conference rooms, and Zoom calls were taken on the fly. But these were, of course, temporary solutions, and in a perfect world, your home office setup would consist of actually useful, practical furniture. Enter the ergonomic desk: one purchase that, here’s hoping, could make your workstation a little less clunky and a lot more comfortable.

By definition, the term “ergonomic” refers to efficiency and comfort; ergonomic computer desks, then, are designed with those two key factors in mind. By forcing you to sit up straight, relax your shoulders, place your wrists in a neutral position, and not get too close to your screen, they should make for a much better workday. Of course, a desk can’t actually force you to adhere to these habits—but an ergonomic desk will make it that much easier. As the saying goes, health is wealth—and the best ergonomic desk will help you hold onto that health, even after an 8- or 10-hour workday.

Best ergonomic desks: Our picks

Best overall: Nost & Host Computer Desk



This ergonomic computer desk checks all of our style boxes (no plastic in sight!) while still offering tons of storage and adjustable shelves. But, while some of the shelves are adjustable, the desk itself is not—meaning that there’s no wiggle room when it comes to height.

Best for small spaces: GreenForest 2-Tier Folding Desk



Small space living demands a certain degree of ingenuity. This ergonomic desk from GreenForest fits the bill: with two tiers for extra surface area, and a super slim shape when folded flat, it’ll hardly take up any room at all.

Best dual monitor desk: FLEXISPOT Adjustable Standing Desk



The unique shape of this ergonomic standing desk is what really makes it stand out — because it’s a U (instead of your typical rectangle), it will be so much easier to interact with all of your monitors without constantly readjusting your seat. That does, however, make fitting this desk into a room more difficult. You’ll need a pretty big space to make it work, since this dual monitor desk won’t sit flush with the wall.

Best ergonomic gaming desk: Mr.IRONSTONE Gaming Desk



Simple yet functional, this ergonomic gaming desk makes the most of every inch of space, ensuring that nothing comes between you and your game. Dirty desktop? Slip tangled wires into the built-in cable storage in the back of the desk, and drop your soda can into the cup holder. Sans clutter, you’ll be climbing up the leaderboards in no time.

Best ergonomic standing desk: FEZIBO Adjustable Electric Standing Desk



This adjustable desk is actually electric, so there’s almost no work to be had in changing its height—simply tap the buttons, et voila. Industrial-grade steel makes this desk extremely sturdy, and a two-tier wooden top completes the look.

Best budget: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Simple Computer Desk



In stark contrast to some of the other desks we’ve mentioned, this ergonomic desk from Eureka is as simple as it gets. Minimalism is key here: a steel frame means you’re not compromising on materials, and a very plain design makes this desk easy to assemble. You’ll miss out on some features—like a second-tier for storage, or side shelving, for example—but if you’re a minimalist at heart, this could be the desk for you.

Features to consider when shopping for the best ergonomic desk

When shopping for the best ergonomic desk, you’re going to want to consider a few factors: comfort, size, price, posture, and style. And, like most purchases, it’s rare that you can have it all—more likely, you’ll have to prioritize your needs, and shop accordingly. On that note, check out the following desks below, which were all selected with the aforementioned factors in mind.

Picking a computer desk that won’t cramp your style

It’s no secret that ergonomic desks aren’t exactly the most stylish—in some cases, far from it. They’re designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, and, inevitably, that means that taste isn’t top priority. But that’s not to say that in order to be comfortable and maintain good posture you must forego style altogether. Find the right desk that matches your home office décor, and you truly could have it all, aesthetically speaking.

How to find an ergonomic desk that fits in a small space

If you don’t have a separate room for your home office, or even a designated permanent space, you’re probably looking for a desk that’s lightweight, portable, and easy to shuffle around. Maybe you want to tuck it away in a closet each evening, or simply remove your laptop and make good use of the surface area for some other task. That doesn’t mean it can’t be ergonomic. In fact, you can follow the exact same rules of sitting far enough away from your screen, for example and keeping your wrists straight, as you can with a much larger desk.

Simply put, sometimes it feels really good to completely remove any reminder of work from your space, and take back some of that work-life balance that might have otherwise been lost in our collective shift to working from home.

What if you need to make room for multiple monitors?

Computer workstations vary widely depending on your job; for some, a mere laptop will do, while others need a much more, shall we say extravagant, setup. We’re talking two—or sometimes, three!—monitors, along with a host of other gear, and with that amount of screentime, only the sturdiest desk will suffice.

Beyond that, trying to squeeze everything in on top of a too-small surface area makes for a cramped, uncomfortable home office setup—thus, your ergonomic desk of choice better be quite large, too.

You might want a desk appropriate for work and play

We’ve already talked a lot about optimizing your workflow with the help of an ergonomic desk, but that doesn’t mean these home office beauties are exclusively for work. On the contrary, we know that so much of our social lives happen online, too, and that means we spend a lot more time at the computer than just the amount required for our jobs. Case in point: gaming, which is extremely popular, extremely fun, and extremely time-consuming, in that any hours spent behind the screen seem to simply melt away.

When you’re spending hours at a time hunched over your game of choice, it doesn’t take long before your back and neck begin to protest. That is, unless you have an ergonomic desk setup, in which case, your posture is excellent, and you’re golden.

Tired of sitting? Try an ergonomic standing desk.

One telltale sign of an ergonomic desk is its adjustable height, which means you don’t have to spend all day sitting down. As the saying goes, everything in moderation, and that includes being on your feet versus being on your bottom. By cranking the desk up to a taller height, you can stretch out those legs, readjust your posture, and squeeze a little more movement into your day—without, say, running around the block.

Best desk on a budget: What you can get for under $100

When you’re shopping for an ergonomic desk, it’s fairly easy to drop a few hundred bucks. The difference between a desk that checks all of the boxes and one that doesn’t could be some serious back, neck, or shoulder pain. And if you’re working from home, you’re going to be spending the majority of your days at this thing, so you want it to feel good and look good. We get it! That said, don’t go out of your way to break the bank. More money doesn’t always signal a superior product.

So, with that in mind, how does one find a good, cheap ergonomic desk? We’re so glad you asked. First things first: go simple. Cut out all the extra bells and whistles that you don’t really need (even if they look cool). Go for a more affordable material than say, solid wood, and be prepared to assemble it yourself. Here’s the best ergonomic desk we’ve found at an affordable price.


Q: Does an ergonomic desk really improve posture?

Yes—if you utilize it correctly, that is! By sitting up straight, relaxing your shoulders, placing your wrists in a neutral position, and not getting too close to the screen, your posture should naturally improve. Ideally, the right ergonomic desk will simply make it easier to achieve this setup.

Q: How do I choose the right size ergonomic desk?

First, assess the size of your home or apartment, before you go shopping. Will the desk live in a separate office? Or does it need to fit in several different areas? Will it serve one person or a few? These are all important considerations for picking the right size desk, and will help you determine what’s best for you.

Q: Who makes the best ergonomic desk?

Depends what you’re looking for—Eureka, Jarvis, Poppin, Kensington, and Flexpro are all good places to start, but in order to really answer that question, you’ll have to pinpoint what your priorities are, and decide how much money you’re willing to spend.

A final word on shopping for the best ergonomic desk

Ergonomic desks have the potential to vastly improve your workday, so it’s worth taking the time to do some research and find out just what type of desk might be the right one for you. By taking into account factors like comfort, size, price, posture, and style, you’ll be on your way to buying the best ergonomic desks for your office in no time.