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Analysis paralysis—being so overwhelmed by options you can’t pick a path—has new meaning in 2022. As we go about our day-to-day, more folks are weighing decisions against their effects on the planet. It can feel daunting, but Popular Science has always been obsessed with solutions, and our response to this newest challenge is no different. We’re here to help. In fact, you may have noticed a couple things popping up on more often over the last year with just that struggle in mind. 

Last spring, we rolled out a subsection of our environmental coverage focused on sustainability—more specifically, sustainable living. The premise was simple: Despite systemic and infrastructural hurdles beyond our own personal control, every individual has a role to play in combating the effects of climate change, and even small decisions like which vegetable oil you buy can add up. It all starts with looking at choices, both mundane and major, and asking yourself “is this helping?”

This week, we’re going to start start delivering that advice right to your inbox. Impact is a weekly newsletter that breaks down the choices you can make to help safeguard the future, from the truth about thrifting to the complicated case of gas stoves

Second, you’ve likely spied a greater portion of product recommendations crossing our feeds. That’s because, while we fully embrace the importance of living sustainably, we also understand that many of the objects you own weren’t built to last forever. Shoes wear out, laptops die, and browsing the aisles of the internet for that “one perfect thing” is enough to drown even the savviest shopper. 

That’s where our second new newsletter comes in: Goods is a weekly guide to help you pick the very best products—ones that fit your lifestyle—and use them better, safer, and for longer. TV in dire need of a good cleaning? We know what to do. Want to find the perfect place to hide a subwoofer? Guess what: There’s a science to it. Curious if the newest Airpods are worth the upgrade? We’ve got some advice. 

The first editions of Impact and Goods hit inboxes this week. Head here to sign up.


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Corinne Iozzio is the former Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. In that role, she oversaw an award-winning crew of science journalists—both editors and writers—who are obsessed with shining a light on the thousands of ways science and technology transform our lives daily. She lives in Washington Heights in New York City (or, as she affectionately refers to it, “Upstate Manhattan”) with her partner, an ever-expanding collection of vintage hand-blown glass, and a talkative tuxedo cat hellbent on knocking it all to pieces.