Save $70 on the Ninja CREAMi at Amazon and become an ice cream influencer

This is the rare kitchen gadget that truly delivers on its lofty promises, on TikTok and on your counter.
Ninja Creami machines lined up
Stan Horaczek

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If you’ve spent time on TikTok lately, you’ve probably seen influencers using the Ninja CREAMi 7-in-1 ice cream maker. It’s a seemingly magical machine that turns a frozen protein shake, fruit, milk (or nut/oat “milk”), and anything else you can cram into a pint-sized container into perfectly smooth ice cream. It’s one of the few viral kitchen gadgets that truly delivers on its lofty promise, and Amazon has it for $159 right now, a huge discount from its typical $229 price.

Ninja CREAMi, $159 (Was $239)

Ninja Creami

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If you’ve ever used an at-home ice cream machine, you know how frustrating the process can be. You typically need salt and tons of time for it to churn. Then it freezes too hard, and you don’t want to eat it, so the whole process was a waste. The CREAMi is different. You freeze your sweet concoction in the included pint-sized container for 24 hours. Then, you lock the container into the machine, and a precisely shaped spinning blade mashes its way through the solid block, turning it into a smooth ice cream, smoothie bowl, or sorbet.

It can take a little tweaking to get your recipe and your process just right, but I’m absolutely infatuated with it at the moment. I typically add a single Fair Life protein shake and a few tablespoons of dry peanut butter, or some regular Fair Life milk and some Oreo-flavored Ghost protein. The whole process takes roughly two minutes and, while it’s absurdly loud, it truly delivers on its promise. If you regularly eat Halo Top or other lower-calorie ice creams at $6 a pop, this thing is a total game changer.

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